Thursday, September 10, 2020

Writing Through the Fog By Patti Jo Moore

Chances are, if you’ve been a writer for more than a day, you’ve experienced some less-than-ideal writing times. Even when we carefully plan out a segment of time to write, we have notes and materials ready, coffee and snacks nearby, and we’re all ready to dive into our project, unexpected happenings can (and often do) arise.

Over the summer, I knew a writing deadline was fast approaching, yet I struggled to lose myself in this project. After all, writing a story set in a mountain town in December—complete with chilly temperatures and festive decorations—is a challenge when you live in Georgia, the calendar says July, and your weather is hot and humid. Even playing Christmas music and sipping hot cocoa just didn’t convince my fingers to produce the needed amount of words. In mid-August I was excitedly planning a long-awaited family vacation (with grandbabies!) to our coast, determined I’d have my writing project finished before we left. Then, two sweet friends died unexpectedly within the same week, and I couldn’t seem to write anything. My heart was heavy as I began my vacation, but I was thankful for time with family at our most favorite place.

Late August arrived, we were in our lovely vacation rental house, and I refused to take time away from my grandbabies to complete a project that should’ve been completed weeks earlier. I was still grieving my friends, but knew I absolutely had to meet my deadline. My brain felt as though I was in a fog—a heavy fog hovering over the ocean, and I needed a lighthouse to guide me.

After prayer and countless cups of coffee (which always tastes especially good while on a beach vacation), I hurried to my laptop whenever my grandbabies were napping, or when my daughter and son-in-law took the children for a little outing on the island. By doing that, I was not missing out on any special time that I could be having with them. For me, family time is top priority. 😊

Thankfully, I completed my project, had a wonderful vacation filled with precious, sweet moments, and I was reminded that when I need to get through the fog, I must always seek the Lord’s guidance, because He is the only Lighthouse I need.

Whether you’re struggling with a project due to health concerns, loss, or any reason that makes you feel as though you’re in a fog, think of these letters: F – O – G: Focus On God He WILL guide you through!

From the end of the earth will I cry unto thee, when my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to The Rock that is higher than I. Psalm 61:2


Holly Sims loves Christmas and children, so when she’s asked to help plan a Christmas festival for foster children, she’s thrilled. As a newcomer to Pine Valley, North Carolina, Holly is eager to become involved in church activities and meet people. When she continues seeing a handsome but sullen man in town, she’s curious about him. Why does he appear so unhappy?

Rick Bates is fine with being an introvert. After being shifted from family to family throughout his childhood, he knows he cannot depend or trust anyone and must guard his heart. Running his small business and taking photographs of nature scenes are all he needs in his life. So why does he continue thinking about the auburn-haired woman he keeps seeing?

When Holly asks Rick to take photos at the Christmas festival, he’s ready to decline—until he learns it’s a festival for foster children. When he arrives at the event, Rick is in awe of the decorations, including countless twinkle lights. But the joy on the children’s faces stirs his heart even more. With help from a Christmas-loving lady, a friendly town, and a kitten named Taco, Rick knows the ice around his heart is melting. 

Patti Jo Moore
is a retired kindergarten teacher and lifelong Georgia girl. She loves Jesus, her family, cats, and coffee, and is blessed to be published with Forget-Me-Not Romances. When she’s not spending time with her family (including her two sweet grandbabies) or writing her “Sweet, Southern Stories” Patti Jo can be found feeding cats—her own six and local strays.

She loves connecting with readers and other writers, and can be found on Facebook at Author Patti Jo Moore or her personal blog at