Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Tips on Using Your Book Reviews by Jo Huddleston

Oh, how we love those four- and five-star book reviews readers give us on Amazon! On the other hand, how deflated we feel when we read those other, less complimentary reviews.

Upon reading discouraging book reviews, many authors determine they’ll never read a review again. But the lure remains, and occasionally writers will sneak another peek at their reviews if just to learn the average stars their books are garnering.

But instead of allowing good reviews to puff up our egos or bad reviews to devastate us, here are tips how you can use them all beneficially:

Favorable Reviews

  • Look for words or phrases readers use in their reviews. Use these words and phrases to help you give your readers what they love to read.
  • Use those words and phrases in your book descriptions—back cover blurbs and Amazon sales page description, as well as in your marketing.
  • Place a few of your good reader reviews in the Editorial Reviews section on your books’ Amazon sales page. If you self-publish, you can add them yourself. You can also request your traditional publisher to add them.
  • Sprinkle quotes from your good book reviews prominently throughout your website. Such written testimonials are nearly as effective as word of mouth to spread the word about your books. You can also put these quotes in your other published books.

Unfavorable Reviews
  • Readers will inevitably find errors in your published work, mainly if you write historical fiction. And they will mention them in their review. If a reader points out a glaring mistake, and your publisher agrees it needs correcting, rewrite to omit that error. Of course, if you self-publish, you can make the correction yourself.
  • I don’t recommend contacting the writer of an unfavorable review to discuss or defend your writing. Develop a thick skin toward criticism, take a deep breath (or two), put a smile on your face, and go write another book!

Tips for using reader reviews beneficially. #SeriouslyWrite


Jo Huddleston is a multi-published author who writes novels inspired by her fascination with the 1950s and her love of her native American South. Novels in her endearing Caney Creek series, her West Virginia Mountains series, as well as her stand-alone release, Tidewater Summer, are sweet Southern historical romance novels. Visit Jo at her website (, where you can sign up for her mailing list and read for free the first chapters of her novels and novellas.

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