Monday, November 1, 2010

Spiritual Journeys of our Characters, Part 2 by Susan May Warren

This week, Susie continues her series on developing the spiritual thread (inner journey) of our characters. I've found these posts very helpful! Please welcome her back this Manuscript Monday.

Spiritual Journeys of our Characters, Part 2*
by Susan May Warren

Last week, we started our character’s spiritual journey by asking: What lie do they believe? This week, armed with the lie, the first thing you want to do on the journey, (even in that first scene) is PROVE IT.

Step Two: Confirmation of the Lie – Proof

What can you do to convince the hero that his lie is true? You want to do something at the beginning of the book that will cement him into this lie – of course, it needs to be something that only pushes him deeper in trouble.

In my book, Nothing But Trouble, PJ Sugar, my heroine believes that she can do no right – and that God isn’t on her side. In fact, that she’s a sort of misfit, and that He has no use for her, even though she is saved. And, in the first part of the book, we really see this as true – her “pastor” boyfriend rejects her, her nephew whom she is supposed to take care of hates her, and when she tries to help a friend in trouble, it only backfires on her. She is convinced that she is trouble.

Step Three: The Voice of Truth

In every book, you should have someone who is outside the lie. Someone who sees the truth and can declare it – either directly, or in their actions, or in some sub-texted speech to the hero/heroine.

Step Four: The realization of the Lie and the Testing of the Truth

At some point, your hero has to see that he’s been living in the lie, and that he CAN change. He has to see there is another way—if only he can embrace the truth.

Next week, we’ll talk about how to weave the lie in for maximum Black Moment effect!

(*From My Book Therapy—Originally titled “I Have a Lie, Really?”)


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