Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Committed to the Craft

Committed to the Craft
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Hey readers, Annette here. My daughters and I recently visited a craft store in preparation for Christmas. Fun place! Paints, stencils, thread, yarn, beads, and bolts and bolts of fabric. My heart actually ached to get back to some kind of crafting. Over the years, I’ve enjoyed embroidery and painting, mostly. But it’s been a long time since I’ve given myself permission to work on any of it.

I’ve been a little preoccupied with a different craft—writing. I have shelves full of writing craft books and not enough hours to read them all. I have highlighted, dog-eared how-to plot books and grammar books, and market guides coming out my ears. *chuckle*

If you’ve been a writer for long, you know the kind of commitment required when it comes to craft. That first critique at a conference or that first personalized rejection letter will tell you where your weaknesses are. And though it stings, pay attention. We could all use more understanding of craft.

Many of our author friends who’ve been multi-published will tell you they’re committed to never stop focusing on craft. They make time in their writing lives to study and grow and learn. And these are some well-renowned peeps I’m talking about. *grin* So, if it’s one of their commitments, learning the craft should be one of ours, too.

If you get a chance this Christmas season, grab a writing craft book and a highlighter and tuck yourself away for even a half hour. The great virtue of studying how to write is you can use the nuggets you learn the next time you sit down to pound out some words on your WIP.

Is it time you renewed your commitment to the craft of writing? Maybe you could add a how-to book to your Christmas wish list.

Happy studying and happy writing!


  1. You are talking to me, thanks for the kick in the pants! I needed it.

  2. Thanks, RCL. Glad I could help. This stuff speaks to me, too. :D Happy writing!


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