Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Hey everyone, Annette here for another installment in our New Commitments series.

Ugh! I can’t get past this block. That ever happened to you? My crit partners helped me rework my storyline last week at McCrit, but I can’t get rolling. It’s probably an SOTP thing. And I know once I’m on the right track, it’ll flow. But for now, I stare at the screen. Getting out two hundred words feels like laboring over two thousand.

But I long to write. I long to dive in and revisit these characters. So, what to do?

How do you get past writer’s block?

One thing I know I can’t do—give up. That phrase isn’t allowed here at Seriously Write. *grin*

Maybe part of the problem is I haven’t adopted the new ideas as my own, or they seem to not quite fit the story. They need tweaking. See, I’m beginning to understand, and knowledge leads to breakthroughs.

Prayer helps. I’ve been praying this week about my WIP, but I haven’t gotten back to the computer (at least not with time blocked out to write). I need both.

What about you? Do you need a fresh inspiration or plan for your writing? Maybe you’ve received a rejection lately, and it’s difficult to get back into your writing or even start a new project given all the heartache or frustration you’re feeling. Sometimes I just need a break from a specific project in order to get fired up again. Or tackle whatever is holding things up from a different angle.

Maybe your writing buds can help encourage you. We’re here to help. And I don’t know about you, but God timed this focus on perseverance just perfectly for me. *smile*

So, pray, commit anew to not giving up, position yourself at the computer, and write on!

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