Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Giving Thanks and Giving Back

Giving Thanks and Giving Back
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Hey readers, Annette here. It's almost Thanksgiving! I've been thinking lately about how thankful I am for the many, many writers who have influenced my writing, encouraged me, critiqued my work, taught a workshop I attended, etc.

Long before I ever started plotting stories in my head, or seeing scenarios consisting of characters of my own invention depicting scenes of my own invention, I read books by talented authors. And without even knowing me, they inspired me, influenced me.

Later, the day came when I chose to write and gave it a try, thinking, vainly, I could jump right in and make a success of it. Ha! Twelve years later I’m still learning (which won’t stop). I have a pile of unpublished manuscripts hoping for homes while I try new projects. I’m a reader, writer and editor, and I know this is where I’m called to be.

There are authors with tons more experience than me. And there are writers with less experience than me. I land on the line somewhere, just like you. If you’re of the mind to help writers/authors, here are some ideas:

~ You could offer advice, encouragement, lessons in your strengths.
~ You could serve as an influencer and encourage readers to buy your favorite books.
~ You could post book reviews online.
~ You could blog on writing.
~ You could critique someone else’s work and offer your opinion.

There are many ways you could give back to the writing community. Giving back may require a new commitment. If so, I encourage you to make it. There is so much joy in giving.

This season as we give thanks and look forward to Christmas, consider the various ways you could give back to those who’ve helped you along your writing path. You might be surprised how God blesses you in the blessing.