Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Three Attitude Adjustments to Getting Published by Shannon Redmon

When I first started taking my writing seriously, I was convinced my stories would take the world by storm and launch me onto the best-selling author list of the New York Times in record time. I dreamed of having my own display at every national bookstore chain across the nation.

Well, guess what. That didn’t happen. However, after my fourth completed novel, God has granted my dream. I am going to be a published author for the Love Inspired Suspense line with Harlequin and my book, Cave of Secrets, will hit the shelves in October of 2020.

Before being published, however, there were several lessons I had to learn. And not just about writing. God used my passion for creating stories to adjust my expectations and attitude.

These are the three primary lessons, I learned:

The first thing that needs to go is Pride. Yes, we all love our book babies and think they are the best thing since Shakespeare, however, when we allow pride to override reality, our publishing dreams move further away. Here are some ways you can know if pride is getting in the way of your writing.

•When someone critiques our story, we dismiss their advice. (Even though they have multiple books published and have won awards for their writing)

•When we cling to each written word with ferocity and are unwilling to change our sentences or cut paragraphs that bog our stories down. Chances are we may be dealing with pride.

•When we feel competitive or jealous of another writer’s successes. Social media is a writer’s marketing tool and we often see others post images or stories about their publishing contracts and awards they’ve won. If we haven’t won any, then pride will stir up envy. To combat this destructive reaction, post a congratulatory message on every celebratory writer’s post you see. If there is one thing I’ve learned, it's that most writers are inclusive and supportive of each other because we understand how much time and effort it takes to accomplish these goals.

I had to truly look inside my heart and determine what my motive was for writing. Was I writing to be published? Or was I writing because I loved to create characters, plots and show God’s love through the story?

This heart change doesn’t come easy and one I had to continue to pursue. When we write only for publication, then this journey can be discouraging and long. Traditional publishing is not a fast process by any means and there will be rejection. Each of my first three books -which will probably never see the light of day- got me a little closer to publication. I learned more every time I wrote. My craft improved with the practice and now I can truly say, I write because I love to create stories.

We won't be published if we give up and quit when things get tough. Perseverance and discipline is key. A writer must never give up, never stop, but must write every day or at least multiple sessions during the week.

Several times, I thought about quitting, but God continued to urge me forward, gently and in ways I never dreamed. The goal of becoming a published writer is not a sprint. It's a daily walk with God, putting each story he gives, one at a time, onto the page.

All writers want to publish books. However, the most divine author of all wants to create stories within us by drawing our hearts to his along the way.

All writers want to publish books. However, the most divine author of all wants to create stories with us by drawing our hearts to him along the way. @shannon_redmon @MaryAFelkins #amwriting #writerwisdom #seriouslywrite

Shannon Redmon remembers the first grown up book she checked out from the neighborhood book mobile. A Victoria Holt novel with romance, intrigue, dashing gentlemen and ballroom parties captivated her attention. For her mother, the silence must have been a pleasant break from non-stop teenage chatter, but for Shannon, those stories whipped up a desire and passion for writing. There’s nothing better than the power of a captivating novel, a moving song or zeal for a performance that punches souls with awe. A rainbow displayed after a horrific storm or expansive views on a mountaintop bring nuggets of joy into our lives. Shannon hopes her stories immerse readers into that same kind of amazement, encouraging faith, hope and love, guiding our hearts to the One who created us all.

Shannon’s writing has been published in Spark magazine, Splickety magazine, the Lightning Blog, The Horse of My Dreams compilation book, and the Seriously Write blog. Her stories have been selected as a semi-finalist and finalist of the ACFW Genesis Contest and won first place in the Foundation’s Awards. She is represented by Tamela Hancock Murray of the Steve Laube Agency. The StoryMoore Blog is named in memory of her father, Donald Eugene Moore.

Connect with Shannon:
The StoryMoore Blog
Twitter @shannon_redmon
Check out Shannon’s story in a compilation with other authors published by Revell.
The Horse of My Dreams


  1. Shannon, congratulations on being published by Love Inspired Suspense! I'll be keeping an eye out for Cave of Secrets.

    Perseverance is my biggest problem, I'm too easily distracted. I have a host of things I enjoy doing and time is limited. I need to be more diligent about carving out a time for writing.

    1. Thank you, so much Terri. I understand about distractions. I started getting up earlier in the mornings and after my quiet time with God, I sit down and write. Fewer distractions when everyone is sleeping. Also, asking God to help me focus and have the time to write has helped me.

  2. Congratulations, Shannon!

    I think motive can also be important when it comes to that comparison game and realizing God has a different path for each of us. Sometimes, it's hard to reconcile that with what we want, so what is our ultimate motive for writing?

    1. Thank you, Sandra. Motive is so important. I would get so down on myself and God finally got through to my heart regarding motive. I had to ask myself the tough question - If I never got published would I still be obedient and write stories that bring glory to God? Once I gave my desires to him, then I didn't get so discouraged anymore when I got a rejection. But it was a process ... still is :)

  3. Thanks for sharing from the heart, Shannon. Congratulations on your upcoming novel. It sounds wonderful.

  4. Shannon, thanks so much for this. I especially appreciate you saying, "The goal of becoming a published writer is not a sprint. It's a daily walk with God, putting each story he gives, one at a time, onto the page." Congrats on your book!

  5. Wonderful post, Shannon, and CONGRATULATIONS on your upcoming Love Inspired Suspense book! How exciting!

    I so agree with your comment about authors being supportive of each other. I am genuinely happy when a friend has good news to celebrate, because I know how hard writers work!

    Thanks for sharing this post today.
    Blessings, Patti Jo :)

    1. Thank you Patti Jo! Writers work so hard!! And sometimes that work get shoved in a drawer because it is just not quite what the market is looking for. My writer friends helped me through those discouraging times (and I'm sure there will be more) and I'm so thankful to them. I want to encourage other writers the way they encouraged me.

  6. It's the looking around at what God is doing in everyone else's life that I let blind me to his incredibly unique and wonderful plan for my writing journey. It's very therapeutic to celebrate other's victories rather than harbor envy.

    I've often said to my kids, "Attitude is everything. Choose a good one."

    1. Attitude is so important and I believe God means for us to have a Faith-filled attitude, one that brings glory to Him. Often times I fail at this, but we must keep trying each and every day!


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