Thursday, January 23, 2020

Seasons of the Heart by Tanya Agler

Happy New Year! Is it too late to say that? January is the first month of the year and many people make resolutions, some of which are kept and some of which fall by the wayside. It’s also winter, although in Georgia, the days are alternating between warm and cool with little evidence of the nip in the air which heralds fires in the fireplace and blankets on cozy chairs. Thanks to social media, I’m seeing friends who are enjoying snow and other friends who are heading to the beach. The sights of the season are varied according to region, the day, and the temperature. Just as there are wonderfully different photographs and celebrations of the calendar season, I started thinking about writing and how writers have different seasons of the heart, all of which are personal and varied but are also blessings when we take time to examine the impact they have on us.

The calendar plays a definite role in the seasons as there is a start and end date to each season. In a similar fashion, sometimes the seasons of our writing journey revolve around publication. For some writers who are pursuing traditional publishing routes, it’s waiting for a call from an agent or editor with a contract for their book. For some, it’s the release of their debut novel. Other authors have released more than five novels and are still going strong.

Weather often plays a role in the way we think of each season. If I say winter, some people immediately think of a landscape covered in snow. Fall often brings images of colorful leaves. As far as writing, there are factors which play a role in scheduling writing time, such as work, family, time for Bible study or devotionals. Sometimes there’s a thunderstorm in our own lives and we have to examine whether God is calling us to write or to hold back until we handle the effects of the storm. Sometimes it’s sunny and warm and, on those days, I try to remember to say a prayer of thanksgiving before I start writing. Those seasons of our heart impact our thoughts and writing, and appreciation for each season can enrich our stories and the emotion hidden therein.

As we navigate the calendar seasons with the help of meteorologists, family, and different implements (umbrellas, snow shovels, etc.), so too do we have a support system for helping us navigate the seasons of our writing journeys and the seasons of our hearts. Prayer and time with God is a great start. Our writing support system can guide us through the downpours. Calendars, lists, computers, paper, and other tools can help writers plan out their time and aid us in transforming our stories from only being entrenched in our minds to novels. Sometimes, accepting the weather going on around us and allowing ourselves to cope with the impact of that weather is the best gift we can give ourselves.

What helps you in your current writing season?

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The Sheriff’s Second Chance by Tanya Agler

Broken things can’t be fixed…
Or can they?
Officer and single dad Mike Harrison doesn’t believe in second chances. Ever. That is, until he learns that his former best friend—gorgeous green-eyed car mechanic Georgie Bennett—is back in town. Unfortunately, she’s also a suspect in a recent break-in! But it’ll take an old classic car to show Mike and Georgie that almost anything can be restored with a little patience…and a whole lot of love.

An award-winning author, Tanya makes her home in Georgia with her wonderful husband, their four children, and a lovable Basset, who really rules the roost. When she’s not writing, Tanya loves classic movies and a good cup of tea.

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