Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Impacting Our World by Emily Wickham

“For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them” (Ephesians 2:10, NASB).

Some time ago I considered a fabulous idea for my blog: a weekly feature titled “Impacting Our World.” I planned to interview missionaries along with ministry leaders and share their work with my readers. In a small way, my posts would spread the word about how God is using these Christian brothers and sisters, inspiring us to get involved through prayer, finances, or personal involvement.

While I love this concept, God stopped me. He revealed something I hadn’t truly grasped before.

For the longest time, I considered other Christians like missionaries, special interest ministry groups, and so on to really be doing God’s work. And they truly are ministering in worthy, fruitful ways I greatly admire, respect, and value. Yet I felt disqualified sometimes because I wasn’t serving the Lord in this capacity or in that endeavor—such as feeding the homeless regularly, sharing the Gospel overseas, or ministering outside abortion clinics. Focusing so much attention on the amazing work others do for God, I failed to realize…

God is using me, too. By His grace and because of His faithfulness, I am impacting our world.

The Lord has gifted me as a writer, and He’s given me a love for teaching His Word. He’s called me to this ministry—not Madeline’s or Joe’s or anybody else’s. God is using me to help build His kingdom in the way He designed for me beforehand.

I’m not world famous. I don’t stand out. I’m not absolutely incredible at anything. But none of that matters because I’m a child of the living God: chosen … holy and beloved (Col. 3:12). The Lord holds a purpose for my life, and He’s equipped me to accomplish the works He’s prepared for me to do.

God’s using you as well.

Does the enemy whisper that you’re not making a difference for Christ? Are you paralyzed by comparing your service to the way others serve God? If so, the Lord longs for you to embrace the work He designed you to accomplish.

Let’s focus on doing what God has called each of us to do. Let’s stop looking around and feeling ineffective just because the Lord uses others differently. Instead, let’s look up, confidently moving forward in Christ.

As we write the words God’s prepared for us, we’re impacting our world.

Note: A previous version of “Impacting Our World” first appeared on February 5, 2015 at www.proclaiminghimtowomen.com.

Are you paralyzed by comparing your service to the way others serve God? Let’s focus on doing what God has called us to do. via @emilywickhamPH @MaryAFelkins #WritingCommunity #SeriouslyWrite

EMILY WICKHAM seeks to stir hearts toward Jesus. She writes for LifeWay, speaks at ladies’ events, and shares “Devotions for Women” videos on social media. 
She encourages Christian women plus equips Christian writers on her blog, www.proclaiminghimtowomen.comShe is the author of one Bible study, which was translated into Spanish in 2016. 
Emily, a resident of North Carolina, is Mark’s wife of 30+ years. They are the blessed parents of four adult children and two daughters-in-love. God’s faithfulness and love inspire Emily on her journey through life as she purposes to exalt Christ through written and spoken words. 
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Alcanzando la Justicia
Do you know any missionaries to Spanish-speaking women? Or, is your church involved in outreach to the Hispanic community? Emily would love to put her Bible study on Esther into their hands, and she’s willing to fundraise for this purpose. Please see her website for more information. You also can purchase Alcanzando la Justicia on Amazon.