Monday, January 27, 2020

Rest, Renew, Reflect, Write

Christmas and New Year’s Day are complete. Wreaths and lights are being taken down and stored away for next season. Brightly colored Spring flags adorning bluebirds and others with red hearts are showing up at stores in town. More special dates are waiting to be celebrated. Birthdays, anniversaries, family get-togethers, church events and other meaningful events. Add to that list the everyday “to do” items. Laundry, meal planning and preparation, paying bills, work and trying to stay healthy.

When will I find time to write?

I have days filled with energy and excitement about writing and my “to do” list. Other days, I am exhausted from daily tasks and my writing gets put off to another time of day. Interesting thing I have noticed about myself.
When I take time to rest, I feel better and the words flow more freely. My mind and body need about 15-20 minutes of sleep each afternoon. Some days, just closing my eyes and relaxing helps give me energy.

Resting gives me opportunity for renewed energy. After pausing during the day and enjoying quiet time, I can reflect on my surroundings. Rest makes me notice the beautiful creations of nature God has given. This afternoon, tree branches covered with hanging Spanish moss are gently bending in the wind. With each bend, sunshine streaks through my home office window. The warmth of the sun enters and gives me peace.

Next, I can reflect on prayer concerns. I can share conversation with God and take my joys and worries to Him. Reflecting on the day and asking Him to guide me in every moment brings me peace.

Rest, renew, reflect and then, write… #seriouslywrite #writing @mimionlife

My body and mind are ready for writing and sharing messages God wants me to share. Finding a comfortable position in my office chair, I close my eyes and pray. I thank God for this day and all His blessings. I ask Him to give me words to write.

Yes, fun times and stressful times will come and go. How I react to those times will bring peace or more stress. I am ready to rest, renew, reflect and write.

What ways do you find time to write? Do you follow a schedule? Share in the comments. Your words may help another writer.

Melissa Henderson

Melissa Henderson is a writer of inspirational messages through fiction, non-fiction, devotions, guest blogs, articles and more. Her first children’s book, “Licky the Lizard” was released in 2018. Some of her passions are helping in community and church. Melissa and her husband Alan moved from Virginia to South Carolina in 2017 to be near son, daughter-in-love and first grandchild. The family motto is “It’s Always A Story With The Hendersons”. 

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