Tuesday, January 21, 2020

5 New Ways to Start Your Writing Year By Shannon Redmon

The year 2020 has arrived and I can still remember twenty years ago, when I was wondering if this world would make it through Y2K. Many experts believed Y2K could be the downfall of America, the end of man’s existence. The momentous scare at the time ended up being nothing more than a blip in time and the computerized world has grown into every area of our lives.

But let’s think what life might be like in another twenty years. I hope the passing of time will find that we have taken steps in our writing, finished our first book or attended our first writers conference. I hope we will have reached writing milestones and goals that are merely dreams today.

However, my fear is that some of us will still be wondering where the time went with only our lack of effort to show to others.

In the season of making New Year’s Resolutions, I want to challenge you to not make any false claims about grandiose dreams or outlandish writing goals and instead, start small. Try these five small things to get your writing career moving forward in 2020.

1) Buy a fresh new notebook and a pen or pencil
Not sure what it is about unwrinkled paper and blank pages, but something about a fresh notebook encourages an author to write. I’ve created many stories by doodling or writing random words until my brain created a story.

2) Brainstorm ideas
Take a couple of pages of that new notebook and brainstorm ideas. What kind of story would you like to write? Romance? Suspense? Or a combo? Let your ideas flow unhindered onto the paper. Think about your characters. What deep dark secrets do they hide in their heart that you as an author need to reveal?

3) Gather a group of friends
Some of my best story ideas have come from sitting around with friends and throwing out a suspenseful idea and writing down their thoughts. Not only is it fun, but some great scenes can come from the discussion.

4) Go people watching
My downtown area has some interesting characters milling around the square. Sometimes I like to visit and write down what I see. Unique characters can make a story all the more interesting.

5) Sign up for a writer’s conference
I cannot stress this enough. I know they aren’t cheap, but there are so many invaluable lessons to learn when attending, so many welcoming friends to make. Who knows, one of them may very well help you land your first book deal.

So, let’s not wait another twenty years to chase our dreams. Get started writing even if it’s something small.

Reach for your writing milestones and goals that are merely dreams today. @shannon_redmon @MaryAFelkins #seriouslywrite #amwriting #strategy #dreambig

Shannon Redmon remembers the first grown up book she checked out from the neighborhood book mobile. A Victoria Holt novel with romance, intrigue, dashing gentlemen and ballroom parties captivated her attention. For her mother, the silence must have been a pleasant break from non-stop teenage chatter, but for Shannon, those stories whipped up a desire and passion for writing.
There’s nothing better than the power of a captivating novel, a moving song or zeal for a performance that punches souls with awe. A rainbow displayed after a horrific storm or expansive views on a mountaintop bring nuggets of joy into our lives. Shannon hopes her stories immerse readers into that same kind of amazement, encouraging faith, hope and love, guiding our hearts to the One who created us all.
Shannon’s writing has been published in Spark magazine, Splickety magazine, the Lightning Blog, The Horse of My Dreams compilation book, and the Seriously Write blog. Her stories have been selected as a semi-finalist and finalist of the ACFW Genesis Contest and won first place in the Foundation’s Awards. She is represented by Tamela Hancock Murray of the Steve Laube Agency. The StoryMoore Blog is named in memory of her father, Donald Eugene Moore.

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