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Try, Try Again by Regina Scott

Regina Scott

Persistence is imperative in the publishing industry, and there’s never a guarantee that once we reach the mountain top we’ll remain there. A tumble may require us to get back on our feet and start the climb all over. Today, author Regina Scott shares her personal journey to publication and how she got back on the road to success. ~ Dawn

Try, Try Again

We all know the pattern. An author struggles for years to polish that first book for publication, collects her fair share of rejections, and then, voila, she sells and goes on to a fulfilling writing career using her God-given talent to enrich the lives of many. Helpful critique partners, doting family, perhaps even publishing partners like an agent assure us that this is the given path trod by countless authors before us and likely trod by countless others after us.

But sometimes, it doesn’t work that way.

My career started out like that story. With encouragement from my husband, I finished one of my many romance manuscripts that were gathering dust after two children and work outside the home had left writing a distant dream. I was stunned and delighted when the story was bought by a New York publisher, with an offer for a second book, sight unseen. More books followed in quick succession, and I was encouraged to write longer stories, meatier plots. I was someone. I was going places.

Fifteen books later, my publisher cancelled my contract. Stories like mine weren’t selling well. I was devastated. I was certain God intended me to be a writer, to share my stories with readers. How could I do that if no reader ever saw them?

Today, we have more choices in these situations, but at that time, e-books were rare, self-publication something only the desperate tried. My agent suggested writing for young adults. I threw myself into the process, reading the best examples and taking courses before penning a book I loved. Again I sent that precious manuscript out into the wild, and again heard those fateful words, “I want to buy your book.”

And again, there was no subsequent contract offered. I was orphaned, a one-book wonder.

But publishing, I have learned, is for the long haul. Publishers come and go. Editors change houses. You and your agent may part ways. What is popular today among the reading public will be unpopular tomorrow. In the end, it is all about you and the words God has given you to share. Be true to that, and never give up.

April marks the publication of my twenty-seventh work of romantic fiction. I currently have an editor I adore and an agent who has been there for me through all the ups and downs. I have acquired the rights to my backlist from those early years and have brought most of them out as e-books. I’m working on an original story to self-publish as well. But if all that went away tomorrow, I would dust myself off and try, try again. Because as long as God wants me to write, the only person who can truly keep me from prospering is myself.


Dust yourself off and try, try again. Click to tweet.

In the end, it is all about you and the words God has given you to share. Click to tweet.

As long as God wants you to write, the only person who can truly keep you from prospering is yourself. Click to tweet.

The moment John, Lord Hascot, encounters a young woman sheltering in his abandoned stable, his future is sealed. To prevent scandal, and protect Lady Amelia Jacoby from her parents' ire, he must propose. John's ability to trust vanished when his former love married his twin brother. Yet he offers Amelia everything she could want, except affection.

Amelia sees John's true nature shine through when he cares for his horses. But the brooding aristocrat seems determined to keep her at arm's length. Little by little Amelia will turn Hollyoak Farm into a home, but can she turn a marriage of convenience into a joyful union?

Regina Scott has survived the publishing industry for more than 15 years, winning awards, penning more than two dozen stories, and seeing her work translated into many languages. She currently writes for Love Inspired Historical. Reviewers have been raving about her April release, The Husband Campaign, calling it “a stirring inspirational romance” and saying “Regina Scott’s writing style is as graceful as her heroine.”

You can connect with Regina online at her website, the blog she shares with author Marissa Doyle at, and her Facebook page at


  1. What a journey, Regina! Your words remind me of Paul's when he talks of finishing the race, and just as inspiring. Thanks for sharing your powerful testimony. :)

  2. What a remarkable career, Regina! Your persistence sure paid off. Twenty seven books, yowzers. God bless your Eastertide.


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