Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Kaleidoscope Writer by Linnette R. Mullin

Linnette R. Mullin
Writing Rule #1: WRITE, WRITE, WRITE!

Writers are told over and over to write every day even if for just thirty minutes to an hour. I agree. This is great advice, but I have to admit that for me it just doesn’t happen. I tend to write in spurts – not because I prefer to do it that way, not because I’m undisciplined (well, not totally), but because I’m a busy home-maker with four sons, dealing with chronic illness in the five of us. While home-schooling my youngest, I’m constantly running – running the older boys to school, running them to work, running them to drama rehearsals and choir practice, running them to the doctor…

My life is like a kaleidoscope.

There are patterns and there is randomness. There are shadows and there is color. There are blurred areas and there is definition. Like a kaleidoscope, my life is ever-changing.

So when do I write? I write in the cracks of life and once in a while I’ll take off to a book store or coffee shop to spend a few hours writing. I’d love to get away for a long weekend of writing, but I haven’t figured out how to pull that one off yet. The truth is there is no schedule in my life outside of two of the big boys going to school from 8:00-3:30. You would think that’s plenty of time to schedule in some writing, but its amazing how fast the time goes with my kaleidoscope of responsibilities. Did I mention I also run a local writer’s network? I do. So how, when, where… what do I do about my own writing?

I implement rule #1 at every chance I get, but I don’t let it run my life.

My family as well as my readers and writers are all important to me, but I cannot neglect my family in order to please my readers and writers. At the same time, my family has to understand that I have obligations to my writing business. It’s a tough balance to find and something I’m constantly working toward. It requires creativity and making intentional choices on my part - such as going off to Starbucks while I wait to pick up a son who gets off work at midnight. I have found, however, as long as I’m intentional I get the job done.

What about you? Do you struggle with rule #1 – write, write, write? Perhaps you’re a kaleidoscope writer, too? How do you deal with it?
About the Author
LINNETTE R. MULLIN is an author of life-changing romance. Married for over twenty years, she has been blessed with four amazing sons. Some of her writing credits include Charles Stanley's "In Touch" magazine, "101 Facets of Faith", Guidepost's "Extraordinary Answers to Prayer", and "Public Health Alert" - a nationally distributed newspaper for the chronically ill. A member of ACFW and HACWN, she is also the founder and coordinator of Palmetto Christian Writer’s Network (PCWN) in Lexington, SC, and she runs the “We Are Writers” group on Facebook. Her favorite things in life are her family, her church, reading and writing, and her Savior most of all. For more information including her social media links, visit LinnetteRMullin.com.

Finding Beth
Finding Beth
by Linnette R. Mullin

A run-away-bride-to-be and a southern-boy-next-door…

Trapped by the reality of past choices... lost in confusion and pain, Beth Gallagher must fight her way back to God. Just when she makes a new friend in Adam Blythe and finds peace with God, tragedy strikes. She faces new demons that steal her new-found peace and threaten to steal her future. Could she possibly find true love with Adam? Or will this crisis tear them apart? Will she ever find her way amidst such an emotional mine-field?

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