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Starting Out Strong by Linore Rose Burkard

Did you realize there are additional things to think about, other than writing good material, if you want to be successful in the publishing industry? There’s so much more involved than penning an engaging book. Author Linore Rose Burkard is here today to share her insight this Writer’s Journey Wednesday.

Starting Out Strong

As I teach and speak to newer writers about getting off to a good start in the business, one of the focus areas that I often see neglected is platform.

This isn’t about the writing, okay? Your writing is the most important thing you do to express yourself and reveal who you are as a writer, and it’s got to be good and strong and well-crafted if you want to BE a writer and get published; but that’s only part of what a modern writer or author does.

Another facet of the writing life, love it or hate it, is marketing. We need to market our work (to an editor, an agent or publisher) but we also need to market who we are, and we need to do it in a professional manner. In other words, we need to establish a web presence, which is to say, start building a platform.

You may feel that your craft is the only thing you should work on, and, until it’s perfect, you’ll put off constructing that internet platform. To this I’d say that no writer ever feels their work is perfect, and if you are going to wait for perfection, you’ll be waiting a long, long, time. You’ll be waiting forever!

If you are serious about becoming a career author or writer, the time to start your platform building is NOW. New writers often think they’ll wait until they get that first contract to start their web presence. But did you know that if a publisher has a choice between two unpublished authors, one who has a blog, writes reviews or articles, is a good networker, and one who has none of the above, they will most likely choose the one with an already established web presence?

If your work is good enough to warrant a contract, that’s great, but it’s only part of what a publisher is looking for today. The book business is a BUSINESS. For publishers to stay in that business, they must earn money. They will award contracts to the writers who appear to have the best potential for doing so. Writers with a platform are pre-positioned to fit that bill. So how does one build a platform? To learn more about this topic and how to be ready to get published, join my mailing list. I’m working on a 10-part email course that you can subscribe to and I’ll announce it’s completion to my list.

I’ll be sharing my “Top Ten” essentials for marketing, platform building, professionalism, and more.

Linore Rose Burkard creates Inspirational Romance for the Jane Austen Soul. Her characters take readers back in time to experience life and love during the Regency England era (circa 1800 –1830). Ms. Burkard’s novels include Before the Seasons Ends and The House in Grosvenor Square. Her stories blend Christian faith and romance with well-researched details from the Regency period.

Ms. Burkard was raised in New York, where she graduated magna cum laude from the City University of New York with a Bachelor of Arts in English literature. She lives with her husband and five children in a town full of antique stores and gift shops in southwestern Ohio. Her hobbies include writing four new Regency novels, family movie nights, swimming, and gardening.

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