Friday, June 25, 2010

Keep on Writing by Kathleen Fuller

It’s Fortifying Friday – the day we share journeys to publication and words of encouragement for writers. Today, author Kathleen Fuller is here to motivate us while we continue down our own paths. Which of these items can you relate to?

Keep on Writing

A couple weeks ago I listed my top ten tips for writers. My number one tip was to persevere. Writing is tough and getting published is tougher, but if you give up writing you’ll never get published. So how do you stay motivated to write in the face of rejection, disappointment, real-life crises, and countless other issues that can bring your writing to a grinding halt? Here are five ways to maintain your writing motivation.

1) Avoid burn-out. I can’t stress this enough. It is so easy to get burned out in this business. Writing a novel is only part of the publishing picture. There’s marketing, developing your platform, understanding and utilizing social media, networking, going to conferences—it can start to get overwhelming at times and lead to overwork and tremendous stress. Don’t let that happen to you. Make sure you take time for yourself. If you can, step away from the Internet and the computer for a few days. Schedule time to refill yourself spiritually, physically, and creatively.

2) Brainstorm with a friend. Brainstorming is a wonderful way to get the creative and motivational juices flowing. Even if you’re not experiencing writer’s block, talking about your story with someone else (and reciprocating by discussing her story) will make you eager to get back to writing.

3) Read. Nothing makes me want to write more than reading. When I read a great novel, by the end of the book I’m itching to get back to my story. If you’re finding it difficult to work on your manuscript, pick up a good book, even one you’ve read before. This will also give your brain a bit of a rest from your story, so you can approach it with a fresh perspective.

4) Don’t compare yourself to other writers. Comparisons are motivation killers. When we compare ourselves to others, two things happen: we run the risk of becoming jealous and we run the risk of giving up. Jealousy and discouragement are the enemies of motivation. Avoid them completely. Your writing journey is unique. Don’t waste precious energy trying to be like anyone else.

5) Just write. I know, that advice doesn’t sound helpful. But it’s reality—the only way to write is to…write. A long time ago someone told me that motivation doesn’t exist. You either do something or you don’t. Make the decision to write, whether you feel like it or not, whether you think you have the time, energy, or patience to do it. As many writers I know like to say, “Put your butt in the chair and write!”

Best-selling author Kathleen Fuller writes Amish adult and YA fiction for Thomas Nelson. Her latest book is a YA novel, A Summer Secret, which is the first book in The Mysteries of Middlefield Series. In September A Hand to Hold, book three in her adult series Hearts of Middlefield, will be released. Kathleen, her husband James and their three children live in Northeast Ohio. She loves to hear from her readers, and you can contact her through her website: or through her blog: For more information about Kathleen’s novels visit her website or the online community Amish Living (

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