Tuesday, June 8, 2010

God's Promises to Writers Series

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God's Promises to Writers Series
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Raise your hand if you love research. Anyone? Anyone? I see one hand clear in the back. Good for you. *grin* Research intimidates me. It’s the reason I haven’t dove into writing historicals. Too many unknowns. A long list of things foreign to our experience. The internet helps, but even then I’ve personally spent hours trying to track down one answer and never found it.

God knows what you need to know and how to find it. He can make connections for you. Let me share some examples.

I wonder how many of our readers here at SW are members of ACFW. What a great place to connect. A couple of years ago, as I was writing the first draft of one of my WIPS, I needed to find someone who could advise me on being a touring musician. I put a request out to the ACFW e-loop and immediately connected with a fellow writer’s spouse. This was the first time I’d made this kind of contact. Felt like this was God’s hands linking us. With his help, my questions weren’t as intimidating, the answers as illusive. With God’s help, the provision came.

Recently I needed medical questions answered for a separate WIP, and because of this blog, Dawn and I had contact with a nurse who graciously agreed to help. Separately I wanted first-hand accounts of a specific ailment. Again, God provided the help I needed.

Sometimes I feel as if I don’t lean enough on God and His call. But here’s what I know: When God calls someone to something, He provides everything they need in His time to bring it together. That includes research for His writers. Provision is one of His promises. Rest in Him to provide.

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