Thursday, December 10, 2009

Willing to Be a Servant

Thursdays - Devotions for Writers

“But he who is greatest among you
shall be your servant.”
(Matthew 23:11 NKJV)

I look back to when I began the journey down a path that led me to a place where I began to take my writing seriously – and finally to the place where other people took my writing seriously.

In the beginning I knew that I loved the written word and the difference it could make in people’s lives. I knew that I had a certain skill level when it came to expressing myself on paper. But I also discovered there was much to learn about writing for publication. There still is . . .

I’m thankful every day for the writers and mentors I’ve met on this journey. People who have been willing to share not only their knowledge, but their friendship. With their encouragement, help, and insight, I’ve grown as a person and as a writer. Various opportunities have opened up for me because of their willingness to serve.

My guess is that many of you can relate.

And now it’s our responsibility to do the same for others. God lifts us up so that we can help those around us. Think about the well known saying, “What goes around, comes around.” If out of genuine care, we help someone become what Gods wants them to be, God will send who we need to do the same.

Let’s take it a step further.

What can we do outside of our writing lives that will inspire, encourage, or motivate individuals to accomplish their goals?

Be ready and open to helping people with whatever God has called them to do.



  1. I struggle with this balance--what to leave in, what to leave out!

    My husband really helps out by being my team-teaching assistant at a Sunday School class.

    I also facilitate a Beth Moore Bible study at church.

    Then wifing, mothering (even grown babies), neighboring. Whew. Same as all of us do!

  2. Oh Patti,

    Trying to find that balance is difficult. I so agree and struggle with the same thing!

    Perhaps there are ways that we can be help others reach their goals without diving in and volunteering many hours of our time.

    I think sometimes just words of encouragment, support, and letting someone know you believe in them can go a long way . . . :-D


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