Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Author's Character Series - Ego-Feeders

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The Author's Character Series

Ego Feeders!

Can I be super honest with you, our dear readers? There’s a reason I’ve had to wait this long before more publication. God’s been working on my character.

This writing thing isn’t all about me. So, isn't it ironic how God uses the journey to refine me?!

I get a charge out of writing. I feel affirmed just in the act of penning novels because it’s so much fun for me to write that first draft. (Some of my writer friends HATE the first draft. To them, editing is best. What planet are they from? ;-} )

I get kudos from writing. My crit buddies always find stuff I could fix in my writing—as it should be. But they also tell me what’s working, and that’s fun! My husband likes my work (though he’ll tell me where it needs help too). And my sisters enjoy reading my works in progress, too.

I get status from writing. Uh-oh, an ego-feeder has surfaced. Like Lock Ness Monster this kind of benefit surfaces mysteriously, bearing shadows. Watch out, chasing it can take us on an unwanted path. If writing becomes the part of my life where most of my affirmation comes from, I might obsess. And then I may even let successes go to my head. Any character in your Christian novel whose ego outweighs his humility is not a sympathetic character, right? Guess what? Same thing applies to your character as the author.

So, be honest with yourself.

Are there ego-feeders in your writing experience? If so, how do you head off their potentially self-focused consequence? (i.e. how do you avoid pride?)

Are there ways you are looking to writing to provide the affirmation God wants to give you? (Perhaps He gives you affirmation through writing. What I’m talking about is idolatry—putting writing above God. If God affirms you as you serve, no worries. That’s His fatherly heart showing.)

Is writing more about you than it is about ministering to others?

Is writing about building your name, your platform, your renown more than it’s about building God’s?

Let’s unite against the ego-feeders and beat them back. God first! Serving God takes precedence over our own desires for fame or fortune. Serving our reader takes precedence over serving ourselves.

This season, as we approach the New Year, I’m going to prayerfully allow God to point out ego-feeders in my life so I can cooperate with Him as He works on this author’s character.

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