Friday, December 25, 2009

Part Five: Staying Grounded as Your Career Soars by Cheryl Wyatt


Please welcome back our friend Cheryl Wyatt as she returns with the final installment of her Staying Grounded While Your Career Soars. We've enjoyed hosting her and appreciate her wisdom.

Staying Grounded as Your Career Soars: Part Five
by Chery Wyatt

Day 5 - Giving

Wow. When I found out this post was going to go up on Christmas Day, I felt very inadequate to post it. Especially when Annette pointed out how neat it was that my final post in this series was on giving and that it fell on Christmas Day.

No gift is more valuable than the one wrapped in swaddling clothes and placed in a manger. No gift maybe except the fact that that “gift” grew up despite the satanic attacks on his life and still loved us enough to go to the cross. And with no guarantee we’d ever love Him back.

This post is supposed to be writing related.

But frankly, I don’t know what to say other than every good and perfect gift is from Him. We have nothing, no gift or talent or imaginative ability except what comes from Him.

It boggles my mind that He doesn’t take the gifts away from people who don’t serve Him.

I think of beautiful voices who don’t sing to or for Him but who should because He planted that voice within them when He knit them together in their mother’s wombs. I wonder if He still loves to listen to them sing? Does it hurt Him?

I really wonder.

What about writers so talented yet their words mock Him? I’m not pointing fingers or judging anyone. I just wonder what their words would be like, the impact they’d have if their words were for Him?

Do you ever wonder?

I’m so thankful for the gift of writing. I know it comes from Him.

Even the desire to use my words as worship, poured out as perfume. Many times written in brokenness of things He’s allowed into my life. Just like He allowed the men to mock the woman who shattered her bottle and wasted it all over his feet.

Yet her gift meant more to Jesus than any other that day.

You are a sweet fragrance to God. I pray that today you will determine to write as worship. That you would lose concern over reviews, bad numbers, no contract, rejection, etc. And just be secure in the fact that your words mean something profound to Him. Let that be enough. Let that be your gift to Him today.

Your readership is a gift for which I’m humbly thankful.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, and my prayer is that your writing will be a gift to others and especially to the One who placed the dream within you.

Happy Birthday, Jesus. This one’s for you.

Cheryl Wyatt

Born Valentine’s Day on a naval base, Cheryl Wyatt writes military romance. Her Steeple Hill debuts earned RT Top Picks plus #1 and #4 on eHarlequin's Top 10 Most-Blogged-About-Books, lists including NYT Bestsellers.

Her latest book, A Soldier's Devotion, releases January 1, 2010.

U.S. Air Force pararescue jumper Vince Reardon was headed to a lifesaving mission-until pretty lawyer Valentina Russo crashed into him, sidelining him for two weeks. Ever since his brother was wrongly convicted, Vince has little respect for lawyers, but Valentina soon earns his respect.and his heart.


  1. Cheryl, what a beautiful post. I **DO** wonder about those things, and often. There is nothing more joyous than to eagerly hand back to Him the fruits of the gifts He's given. I'm so touched by His love, and so humbly thankful. Looking back to a time before I knew my path, I'm so grateful to be reminded by you today (of all days). Blessings to you and your family today, and Happy Christmas to everyone. Especially those writing for His glory in honor and thanks for what He's given.

  2. Cheryl, thank you so much for sharing your heart and words of wisdom with us these past weeks.

    I've appreciated your honesty and willingness to be vulnerable. I believe when we're willing to open ourselves up to others like you have, we're given the opportunity to touch people. You've been a blessing to both Annette and me - and our readers.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Merry Christmas everyone and thank you Cheryl for posting such insightful thoughts on this special day.

    I've often wondered the same thing *what kind of difference in the world would such and such be if they offered their talent to the Lord rather than despite of Him. I've prayed for song artists and political adversaries, only to realize God knows what He's doing better than I can ever guess. The Lord has great things planned for all of us, if we but listen.

    And you know, the Holy Spirit is constantly whispering in our ears... : )

    Great thoughts on a such a blessed day! Cheryl, your generosity knows no bounds!

    Blessings to all, and to all a good night : )


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