Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Creative Best Series - Part Two

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Creative Best Series - Part Two

This Tuesday, let's look at the first line of Galatians 6:4 from The Message Bible:

"Make a careful exploration of who you are . . . "

Do you know who you are?

Let's make a list: Christian, writer, parent? sister? brother? spouse? minister?

We wear many hats, don’t we? And it’s difficult to find a balance. But this verse give us permission, if you will, to explore our creative side. To explore who God created us to be.

Did you know when you become fully who you were made to be, you glorify God more fully?

God is your Creator, so when you fully personify all the unique aspects of you, you glorify Him.

This verse is not giving us permission to be forever introspective and self-absorbed, but it is directing us to honor God in His creation of us as individuals.

Dawn and I were talking the other night after our critique group met about different books we’ve read. She has certain favorites, certain books which, for her, stand out and made her a committed “fan” of a certain author. I have others. Some that she might name I’ve already determined aren’t my favorites.

As writers Dawn and I write differently—from the style of our writing to the voice, we’re different. Yay!

One style isn’t better or more highly honored, they are simple different. Diverse. And thank God they are. (Our critique partners lift a resounding cheer!)

As a writer, you have a specific voice, a specific calling, a specific presentation to give the world of readers out there.

Do you know what that voice is? What that calling is? Do you know what you were created to do? to write?

If not, pray until you find out. (grin) Give yourself permission to journal your likes and dislikes. Give yourself permission to explore who you were created to be. “Make a careful exploration.”

If you already know, strive to be everything you were meant to be in that calling, in your writing.

Be your creative best!


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  1. So true, Annette!

    And isn't it great that we're all different in how and what we write? That way we're able to provide a smorgasbord for readers.

    I don't like to read the same type of book all the time. There are many genres I enjoy - romance, mysteries, suspense, comedies, historicals, women's fiction - it just depends on my frame of mind and what I feel like reading at the moment. So I'm grateful that not everyone writes the same type of book or in the same style.

    After all, even a steady diet of ONLY pizza - and ONLY CHEESE pizza, at that - could become boring after awhile. Or not. Pretend with me, here. LOL ;-)



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