Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Craft Cinema by Kathleen E. Kovach

At Seriously Write, we enjoy featuring other blogs that are unique in what they offer writers. I love movies and often use them for not only escape, but inspiration. This Writer’s Journey Wednesday, please welcome author Kathleen Kovach, creator of the Craft Cinema blog.

Craft Cinema offers a unique perspective for the writer who loves movies. I have found that I can study a two-hour movie for the craft of writing much easier than a book that takes me several days to read. I started this blog as a point of conversation after several members of my local ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) group decided to watch a movie together and discuss it. It morphed into what it is today, a place for me to process my thoughts and showcase certain aspects of the writing craft.

At Craft Cinema, I discuss plot structure, GMC, plot twists, dialogue, and so much more. For example, while watching Galaxy Quest with Tim Allen, I discuss the hero's journey which helps to develop the character arc. Enchanted with Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey had a bit of foreshadowing that I pulled out. After viewing the classic movie, The Greatest Show on Earth with Charleton Heston, Betty Hutton, Jimmy Stewart, and Cornell Wilde, I wrote an article titled "Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing." It occurred to me that all four of its stars could have had equal billing. So who was the main character? Read my article. My conclusion may surprise you.

I present these articles in an entertaining way. There is nothing worse than reading dry instructions when talking about a creative endeavor. But the main goal is to see how the craft is done well (or not done well) and how to study from other writers so we can apply what we learn to our own work.

Occasionally, I like to pull trivia from the IMDB site. This is the Internet Movie Data Base site where I go to get my facts straight. Often, they have fun stuff that just has to be shared. For example, in the new Star Trek movie, Uhura's refusal to give her name to Kirk was the writer's nod to the television show where her character was never given a first name. Cool, huh?

At Craft Cinema, you will also find movie reviews void of spoilers. The most recent review is The Proposal with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds.

So, come on over, grab a bag of popcorn, a pad of paper and a pen, and enjoy great movies with your right brain while learning with your left.

Kathleen E. Kovach and her husband Jim raised two sons while living the nomadic lifestyle for over twenty years in the Air Force. She's a grandmother, though much too young for that. Now firmly planted in Colorado, she's the Rocky Mountain Zone Director for American Christian Fiction Writers and leads a local writers group. Published with Barbour, Kathleen has three books out, including her latest, God Gave the Song, which is the first in her series of three set in southern Oregon. Kathleen hopes her readers will giggle through her books while learning the spiritual truths God has placed there.