Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ten Things I've Learned About Writing by Deborah Vogts

This Wednesday as we continue our Writer’s Journey, we’re privileged to have author Deborah Vogts share what she’s learned along the journey to publication. Her debut novel, Snow Melts in Spring, released in June, 2009. Welcome Deborah!

Ten Things I’ve Learned About Writing

Things I’ve learned since I began writing the Great American Novel, twenty-three years ago in high school:

1. I’ve always heard to “write what you know,” but I’ll add to that, “write what is on your heart.”

2. Join writer’s groups and critique groups to hone your knowledge of the craft.

3. Networking with writers, agents, and editors is important. Plan to attend at least one conference a year.

4. Not only do you need a good handle on basic grammar and style, but your ideas and plotlines must be fresh and interesting to break into today’s market.

5. Learning never stops – always study the craft. Read books and magazines, take an online writing course or one from a local college, and attend writer’s workshops.

6. You can’t give up. The only writer who succeeds is the writer who doesn’t give up.

7. Ninety percent of the battle is completing the book.

8. Your work doesn’t end once the book is written. Marketing is a huge word in today’s publishing world.

9. Not everyone needs and agent, but having one may help you get published.

10. Let God be your guide. Request his help and guidance as you write, each and every day.

Please visit her Web site to find more writing tips and information about Deborah and her books.

Deborah Vogt grew up on a farm in SE Kansas with pigs, cattle, horses and sheep, as well as space to run free. The books she writes are set in the country and are written for those who live in the country, have moved from the country and still hold it in their hearts, or those who have never lived there but long for the simple life it offers. Her Seasons of the Tallgrass Series captures the spirit and dreams of ordinary people living in the Flint Hills of Kansas-one of the last tallgrass prairie regions in the world. Deborah and her husband have three daughters and raise and train American Quarter Horses.