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Featured Genre Day - Why I Write Romance by Gail Gaymer Martin

We had a great response Monday with our Featured Genre Day, so we're doing it again. Today's author is well recognized in her chosen genre--Christian romance. Whether you write inspirational romance or not, we're hoping you're encouraged by today's Featured Genre Day post featuring Gail Gaymer Martin.

Why I Write Romance

When asked why I write romance, I answer it was the Lord’s doing. Romance was not a genre I read. I enjoyed romantic suspense with authors such as Phyllis Whitney and Mary Stewart, but romance is the genre that I’ve written since my first novel was published in 1998. How did that happen? When I attended my first writers’ conference in 1997, I met Gayle Roper who told me about an AOL writers' board. I visited the site and learned some helpful information about writing and the world of publishing, but the most significant thing that happened was an announcement from an author asking if people writing Christian romance might like to form a loop. I didn’t even know what that meant, but I contacted her. Little did I realize from author Annie Jones’ invitation I was joining a group with some of the top writers in Christian fiction—Francine Rivers, Liz Curtis Higgs, Karen Ball, Lisa Tawn Bergern, Linda Windsor, and so many others. This group of writers became mentors for me. I asked dumb questions, and they graciously gave me answers. I believe that the Lord guided my walk to this genre, and though I prefer women’s fiction and romantic suspense, I found my start in pure romance.

I chose to write Christian fiction because my faith is woven through every fiber of my being. I live with a Christian worldview that affects how I look at life and what I value. When I am struggling with problems, I turn to the Lord. When good things happen, I praise Him. I chose not to write explicit sexual content or use curses or God’s name in vain in my fiction. I want my stories to reflect who I am—a Christian—and this has connected with readers and has opened doors to a speaking ministry for women’s groups where I speak on human struggles that touch us all.

Why I believe the romance genre was God’s doing is that Christian fiction has a huge following and is the perfect genre for me. As a licensed counselor, I am able to use my expertise to present emotion-filled stories that allow me to entertain as well as to touch lives with stories that deal with life issues and struggles and with God’s truths. These stories provide readers with hope and leave them with God’s promises of love, forgiveness, grace and salvation through Jesus.

No matter what genre I write—women’s fiction or suspense—romance will always be woven into the novel because I see it as the glue that makes a story adhere to readers. Everyone enjoys a fast paced story to which they can relate because it presents real life situations, but most of all everyone loves to be loved, and that’s what romance is about.


Hey readers, Annette here. I've appreciated Gail's heart to mentor other writers and have personally emailed questions to her, which she has graciously answered time and again. Check out her Web site for writers (see below) and her book from Writer's Digest (also mentioned below).

Gail's latest romance--Dad in Training -- released September 1st from Steeple Hill Love Inspired! Here's the cover and blurb:

How is Brent Runyan supposed to reach his troubled nephew? The workaholic businessman knows nothing about providing a real home to the orphaned boy who needs him so much. Special education teacher Molly Manning thinks the answer is threefold: love, time—and a dog. But Brent can barely let his nephew into his heart, let alone a golden retriever. With his tragic past, Brent knows what can happen when you love anything: you can lose it. Until Molly asks this dad-in-training to start with the basics by letting her stay…forever.

Gail also has a post up at Love Inspired Author's blog. Check it out here.

Multi-award-winning author, Gail Gaymer Martin writes fiction for Steeple Hill and Barbour Publishing, where she was recently honored by Heartsong readers as their 2008 Favorite Author. Gail has written forty-two contracted novels with three million books in print. She is the author of Writing the Christian Romance, a Writers Digest Books release. Gail is a co-founder of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW). She is a keynote speaker at churches, libraries and civic organizations and also presents workshops at conferences across the US and abroad. Gail has a Masters degree and post-master’s classes from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan and is a licensed counselor. She lives in Michigan with her husband. Visit her Web site and her Writing Fiction Right blog.


  1. I'm reading Dad in Training now. Thanks for this great post!

  2. I hope you enjoyed the novel, Eileen. I did an interview in Molly's POV and you can find it at:

    I even found it fun to read what Molly had said. LOL


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