Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ten Things I Wish I'd Known by Deb Kinnard

Please welcome guest writer Deb Kinnard to share these kernels of wisdom with us:

Ten Things I Wish I'd Known:

1. Publishing a novel will not validate me. Only God can do that.

2. Small press means what it says. It's a publisher, and it's SMALL.

3. Synopsis is not a four letter word.

4. The coolest assembly of words flying in formation does not a novel make.

5. Story is everything!

6. When they tell you, "The author does all her own promo" they mean it.

7. Dust is a wood preservative.

8. Delivery pizza for supper once a month will not fell your family.

9. There is no tighter confraternity of women than women writers.

10. God is faithful and true. His ways are not my ways . . . that means it all happens in HIS timing, not mine.

Deb Kinnard started writing at age ten. She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and serves as Zone Director for the Midwest. Her previously published novels include Powerline and Oakwood (Treble Heart Books), and Angel with A Ray Gun (Desert Breeze Publishing). Angel with a Back Hoe will be released in October 2009 and Damages in April 2010 from Desert Breeze Publishing. Seasons in the Mist will be an April 2010 release from Sheaf House. For more information, go to

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