Tuesday, June 30, 2009

All About our Readers Series, One

Hi everyone. Annette here to begin our Tuesday "Net's Notations" posts.
Please join me for a new series for writers which focuses on . . . readers. Read on:

Dear Christian writer, why do you write?

“God has called me.”

“I love to write!”

“I can’t do anything else. I’ve tried stopping and I can’t.” (grin)

“I have a message I want to get out there.”

“I love words and stories.”

“Jesus told stories.”

We have to ask ourselves, for whom we write—like when starting this blog, Dawn and I had to consider whom we’re doing this for.

Answer: YOU.

If you asked Jesus who He lived for, He’d answer YOU. If you asked Him who He died for, He’d answer YOU.

Dear Christian, when you write, whether fiction or non, you’re writing for the YOUs out there—your audience.

How often do we think that way? “I’m writing for my reader. Not myself, not my name’s sake."

“I’m writing because I believe in being a vessel for God—someone He can pour into and I can overflow onto others.” We need to have a shepherd’s heart to be effective writers. We’re helping point the way. We’re illustrating biblical truths, like Jesus, the ultimate Good Shepherd.

So, let’s ask ourselves to whom we’re writing and make sure that as we put the letters on the page (or screen) that we're keeping our audience in mind, in heart. Praying for them. Praying we can touch them and bless them, changing lives.

I read this reader testimony once in a popular author's novel: “Your book helped me find God.”


That’s what I want. To point to God. To reach up toward God’s hand, grab on tight, then reach out to the reader’s hand and link the two. I want that to be my motive while I'm putting words on the page.

How about you?

Write on!

Annette M. Irby’s
first book, Love Letters released in 2007. You can learn more by visiting her website. “Chicken Soup Celebrates Mothers and Daughters” featured one of her stories, also in 2007. She and her husband serve on their church’s worship team as well as in leadership. Visit her other blogs at: Net’s Notes and Net’s Book Notes.