Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Novel Journey

Happy Writer's Journey Wednesday! Sometimes here on Seriously Write, Wednesdays will highlight writing organizations, blogs or helpful books/resources. Today we're highlighting Novel Journey, a blog full of great interviews with writers and therefore, nuggets for writers (and fun for readers).

We asked Ane Mulligan, a blogger at Novel Journey, to share what their blog is all about:

Novel Journey was founded in 2005 by Gina Holmes. New to Christian fiction and as an aspiring writer, she spent hours searching the Internet for author interviews. She decided to create a blog where others could easily read about Christian authors. After a few months, she invited Jessica Dotta and I (Ane Mulligan) to join her. Novel Journey’s mission was to get the word out, one reader at a time. Since then, we’ve interviewed hundreds of writers, from the debut author to Pulitzer Prize winners.

Check out Novel Journey here.
You can search their archives for your favorite author(s) and read some great interviews! We love how they have addressed a felt need and wish them continued success.


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