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A Child Was Born by Pattie Frampton

Photo of the Nativity

A Child Was Born 

We all know the story. It has been told in various ways over the years. In song, movies, books. Some of us learned of it in Sunday school. Others from Linus in his impassioned speech alongside a sorry little Christmas tree. In some way, shape or form, the Christmas story has reached all of us.

A child was born.

I have struggled through many Decembers. As a mom of four kids, there were a lot of expectations associated with this time of year. They were sometimes crushing to me. When I should have been joyously wrapping, baking or enjoying family traditions, all I wanted was time alone to hide. I wanted it to all go away.

I was weary.

In this year of 2020, weary started early for some, say March or April, when the world changed drastically. No work for some. No church gatherings. No family vacations. No school. No graduations. Routines were upended. Schedules ruined. Weddings postponed. Nothing is as it was. In early April we lost my dad after a short battle with cancer and couldn’t even honor him with a proper funeral.

Again, I was weary.

But life is a balancing act. For all the hard trials you go through, there are times of pure joy. Twinkling lights throughout a festively decorated neighborhood makes the darkest night bearable. For every disappointment, there is a reward.

I had high hopes for NaNoWriMo this year. I had done some research and prep work. I made my goals and started out eagerly on November 1. It was the last day this month I wrote. Why wasn’t I diligent with my time and talents and work toward my goals?

A child was born.

At the end of September, we welcomed our first grandchild, a little boy named Hudson. As new grandparents, we have a rare gift as he and our daughter live with us. He will be two months old this week and has brought untold joy in our brokenness.

I know how blessed I am in the opportunity to spend time with him. I know God has called me to be more attentive to my family right now. I’m okay with that.

Like the star that led the wise men to a manger, my grandson has been a bright spot in a long and trying year.

This Christmas season, I will count my blessings instead of regret the things I can’t do. I will listen to the music, bake the cookies, watch the shows and be glad I have the chance to spend this season with my family and know the time will come to finish those things God has called to my heart.

I wish you all a joyous holiday season. Stay safe and enjoy the little lights in your life. 

Life is a balancing act. For all the hard trials you go through, there are times of pure joy. For every disappointment, there is a reward. #seriouslywrite #encouragementforwriters via @lovesportslove

This Christmas season, I will count my blessings instead of regret the things I can’t do. #seriouslywrite #encouragementforwriters via @lovesportslove

Repossessing Christmas

A public man hiding from his pain.

Major league shortstop Max Southerton returns home each offseason to drive a tow truck for his uncle. Here he finds solace with his faith and the only family he has left. While repossessing a car, he meets a tenacious young woman down on her luck, and his heart starts yearning for something he shouldn’t want and doesn’t deserve.

A private woman outrunning an ugly past.

After four years in prison, Jenner Kincaid is starting her life over with a second shift job and God on her side. While her optimism outweighs her fortunes, she’s convinced it’s enough until she meets a stubborn tow truck driver who won’t take no for an answer. Can a moment of God’s grace bring two guarded hearts together?

As their friendship grows and hearts entangle, Jenner comes face to face with her greatest mistake. Can she let Max go before her past destroys him? 

Pattie Frampton
is a tea drinker living in the coffee capital of the world. Married for over thirty years, she is the mother of four children and soon-to-be grandmother of two. When she’s not penning Christian romance, because who doesn’t love a happily-ever-after, she is the family genealogist, an award-winning quilter, and a rescue dog mom.

Her first book, a Christmas novella, was released in Oct. 2017. She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers, Northwest Christian Writer’s Association and Novel Academy.

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