Thursday, November 5, 2020

2020-The Year Anything is Possible by Sally Shupe

I’ve been thinking back over the year, and what’s happened, and have come to the conclusion, anything is possible this year! From the pandemic that shut everything down to murder hornets to a super storm named after me 😊 we’ve seen it all. It is so easy to get caught up in all the storms around us. But in the midst of the storms, the pandemic, the rough patches of our lives, God is still there. What we choose to do with our time, is our choice. What have you chosen to focus on this year?

At first, I was focused on figuring out how to work from home. I’ll admit, it took me a while to get adjusted. If you’ve got kids at home, home schooling was a big adjustment.

But the other day, I was in a Zoom meeting, and it changed my perspective. I had hope again, a change in focus. We had planned a trip to see our son and his wife. My colleague stated that except for COVID, we probably would not have planned as long a trip. She was so right! In normal times, I would have taken just enough time off to stay a few days and rush right back. I would not have slowed down or even thought about taking a little more time to enjoy my stay. That opened my eyes. What other things had changed or happened over the course of the year that I hadn’t really paid attention to?

Two events stick out in my mind. We had to put two of our pets to sleep over the summer-- Our 14-year-old Jack Russell, Pumpkin, and our 22-year-old cat, Sassy. But then I got to thinking. Since I was working from home, I was able to spend so much time with them. I still miss them so much, but I’m so thankful for the extra time I had with them. I’ve also been eating better. Since I’m at home, I’m able to prepare healthier lunches and snacks. I’ve been exercising more. Not having the commute back and forth gave me extra time. And let’s not forget having to learn Zoom and other computer programs! What are some things you’ve had to adjust to or struggled with?

How many of you attended virtual writing conferences? I got to attend three or four writing conferences, since they were being offered online. They were awesome and I learned so much. I submitted work to a couple of contests for the feedback. Thinking back over the year, I accomplished so much more than I thought I would or did.

What are some things that you’ve experienced over the past year that you’re thankful for? Did you make it through each day? Did you get that one room cleaned out? Did you start or finish a story? Did you submit a story or get published? Think on these things. Let’s not get mired down in the disappointments, the uncertainty. Let’s be thankful, rejoiceful, cheerful. Share a smile and a word of encouragement with the next person you meet. If you’ve struggled through this year and can’t believe it isn’t at least 2022 already, it’s okay. God hasn’t forsaken us. He gives us strength to face each day. If you’ve thrived during this time at home, that is great also. Let’s finish this year strong. What is one thing you’d like to accomplish before this year is over? Share below so we can encourage one another. Let’s make 2020 the year anything is possible. Reach for your dreams!

Sally Shupe
lives in southwest Virginia with her husband, has two grown kids-a daughter still at home and a son not-so nearby, and a whole bunch of pets: four dogs, three cats, a rabbit, and birds at the birdfeeder (and the mandatory snowman when the snow cooperates). She is an aspiring Christian author of small town contemporary inspirational romance, with two completed manuscripts and several more in progress.

When Sally’s not writing or working full-time, she is a freelance editor for several authors who write fiction and nonfiction; students working on dissertation papers; a copy editor/content editor for several e-book publishing companies; performs beta reading for various authors; publishes book reviews; is a member of ACFW; and loves genealogy, running, and crocheting.

Sally publishes weekly blog posts that can be found through her website:, and she posts on the first Thursday of the month at