Monday, June 22, 2020

Walking and Sparking

Ideas for blog posts, stories, devotions, articles and more can jump into the mind of a writer at any time. Recently, I was preparing to write a blog post for my personal blog and wondered what message I could share. Many writers go through periods of “writer's block” and some say they just don’t have any fresh ideas.

I, too, have experienced times when I had to pause and think hard about a topic to share. During those times of uncertainty, prayer gives me comfort. A small piece of paper is taped to my computer. The note states simply, “PRAY FIRST”. There’s also a heart drawn on the paper.

Before writing, I try to go to God first and ask Him to help me share words He wants me to share. When away from the computer, I pray and ask for His guidance before I decide on a topic.

Often, my most interesting ideas come while taking a walk in the neighborhood. Many unique sights and sounds give great ideas for blog posts, articles, etc. Watching a sunset or sunrise, listening to children laugh while playing a game of chase, and seeing neighbors trying to hold onto leashes while walking tiny dogs can spark great stories.  Listening to those tiny dogs bark loudly to show they are bold like the big dogs makes me laugh. Passing by a man smiling and washing his boat after a day of fishing at the local river and listening to the gentle swish swish of the brush he is using to clean the boat shows me he has enjoyed the day. These are just a few neighborhood things that spark my imagination.

Some writers say they plot each story and/or blog post. Other writers say they “fly by the seat of their pants” when creating messages. Either way, an idea has to be sparked somewhere in the mind.

I’ve decided to call my daily neighborhood walks by name. “Walking and Sparking”. I walk and get ready for messages to spark. What a great way to find ideas and enjoy the simple moments of life.

Have you ever been “Walking and Sparking”? Where do your ideas originate? #seriouslywrite #writing @mimionlife

Melissa Henderson

Melissa Henderson is a writer of inspirational messages. Her first book for children, “Licky the Lizard”, was released in 2018. She also has a story in the compilations “Heaven Sightings” and “Remembering Christmas”. Her passions are helping in community and church. Melissa is an Elder, Deacon and Stephen Minister. She and her husband Alan moved from Virginia to South Carolina to be near son, daughter-in-law and first grandchild. The family motto is “It’s Always A Story With The Hendersons”. Follow Melissa on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest  and at 

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