Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Surviving a Book Launch by Jennifer Slattery

You wrote a book, signed a contract, and now are awaiting its release. If this is your first launch, you’ve likely come close to hyperventilating on more than one occasion. You’ve probably spent numerous nights fretting over way too many what-if scenarios.
What if readers hate your book?
What if no one buys it?
What if your sales are so bad publishing houses permanently block your email?
What if your mother/aunt/friend sees herself in that character?

Then come the reviews, and while, hopefully, most will be encouraging, you’ll soon discover literature can be quite subjective. Which means—brace yourself—not everyone will like your story.

In light of this, how’s an overly-anxious, sleep-deprived author to handle their first-ever book launch? With an extreme amount of chocolate, ever-flowing caffeine, and an eye on Jesus, the author and perfector of our faith and our careers.

Plus chocolate. Did I mention chocolate?


To achieve the proper stores, you’ll want to begin shopping for this item at least six months in advanced. If you’re living on a writer’s salary and therefore must budget for every food item, I suggest you add on an additional three months. Of course, take into account the pre-launch daily nibbles and gorges.

On second thought, you may want to open a direct account to your local chocolate factory. Make sure to thoroughly explain your impeding emergency. You may wish to visit them personally with a map to your residence. One can never be too prepared. 

Coffee, preferably available through intravenous drip.

Actually, this is a necessity for all stages of writing. And life. Granted, you’ll need to find a way to handle all your over-caffeinated shakes and twitches. Perhaps a quick run around the block or some hula dancing in your living room? Yes, your neighbors will find you strange, but they already know this about you.

An eye on Jesus.

Take a deep breath. Release it. Again. Because here’s the most important reminder I can share. This writing deal? It’s not up to you. God’s got a plan for it. He Himself is guiding you, and He’s faithful. You can trust Him with your heart, your day, and your career. He hand-crafted your plan long before you took your first breath. No, scratch that. He hand-crafted you to fulfill this part of His very good plans, for His pleasure and glory, I might add, before you emerged into the world.

So relax. All you need to do is keep listening and keep stepping. Your Savior will take care of everything else.

How’s an overly-anxious, sleep-deprived author to handle their first-ever book launch? via @Jenslattery #Seriously Write


Jennifer Slattery is a writer and national speaker who has addressed women’s groups, church groups, Bible studies, and other writers across the nation. She hosts the Faith Over Fear podcast and maintains devotional blogs found and on Crosswalk. As the founder of Wholly Love Ministries she and her team partner with churches to facilitate events designed to help women rest in their true worth and live with maximum impact. Connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. When not writing, reading, or editing, Jennifer loves going on mall dates with her adult daughter and coffee dates with her hilariously fun husband. Contact her through her website to book her for your next women’s event.

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