Thursday, November 14, 2019

Be Kind To Others - - - And To Yourself 😊 By Patti Jo Moore

As Christian writers, we want to show kindness. This is done in countless ways—including encouraging other writers, sharing lessons we’ve learned in our own journey, posting great reviews for books we’ve enjoyed, and lifting up an author-friend who may have gotten a not-so-great book review.

If we’re published, we also want to be kind to our readers. This can also be done in countless ways—from corresponding with them via e-mail and blogs to giving away prizes to show our appreciation for readers.

But I was recently reminded of another way writers need to be kind, and that is to ourselves. I’ve battled a rotten cold for a full week—nothing major, but still feeling miserable. My worst day of this pesky cold was last Friday. I’d been home since Wednesday, not even venturing out to my mailbox. I was reminded of the fact I have a December first deadline, and had gotten behind (okay…waaay behind) on my word count. I had everything I needed—medicine, tissues, coffee, soup, and my kitties napping close by—and the sunshine was streaming in my window next to my desk. It was the perfect setting for me to dive in and let those words flow.

Except…I did not feel like doing a thing. Not one thing. Even my favorite hobbies of reading and needlepoint held no appeal. What was going on? I didn’t want to turn on the television (not even to the Hallmark channel!) and couldn’t think of anything at all I wanted to do. So guilt poked me with that annoying voice. You’re wasting this entire day. Since you’re not sleepy, you should be at least doing something! Remember all those words you still need to write before December?

And it hit me then—something I’ve often heard other writers say. We tend to be hard on ourselves. Sure, it’s great to push ourselves to write or do writing-related tasks even if we’re not feeling motivated. But when we are ill—even from nothing serious—our body still needs rest. And if that means simply gazing out your window and being thankful for the sunshine and Autumn leaves, then that’s okay. 😊 Even Jesus took time to rest.

So with the holidays fast approaching, if you should become sick (which I hope you won’t!) or even overwhelmed with the dozens of items on your To-Do list, please take some time and rest. Without feeling guilty. Then when you’re feeling better, you’ll be ready to tackle whatever has been waiting on you! Be kind to others—and to yourself.

And be ye kind one to another. Ephesians 4:32

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Sadie's Dream

In a coastal Georgia town in 1900, a young woman prepares to serve as a missionary in Africa.

After being jilted the previous year, she's certain she's meant to remain single.

When she meets a handsome businessman from Savannah, she begins struggling with doubts.

Over time she learns that the Lord's plans are best, and dreams really can come true.

Patti Jo Moore is a retired kindergarten teacher and lifelong Georgia girl. She loves Jesus, her family, cats, and coffee, and is blessed to be published with Forget-Me-Not Romances. When she’s not spending time with her family (including her sweet grandbaby) or writing her “Sweet, Southern Stories” Patti Jo can be found feeding cats—her own six and local strays.

She loves connecting with readers and other writers, and can be found on Facebook at Author Patti Jo Moore or her personal blog at