Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Writing While Waiting by Kathy Harris

Don’t ever pray for patience, because God just might give it to you. At least that’s how the old saying goes.

Who hasn’t been frustrated occasionally when things don’t happen as quickly as we had planned? I don’t know about you, but there are times when I even start doubting that they will happen.

Let’s take the elusive dream of publication, for example. I think writers are particularly vulnerable to impatience. The road to publication is a long one. Throw in a few stop signs, roundabouts, dangerous curves, and detours, and it’s easy to become discouraged.

Unfortunately, discouragement is the number one enemy of productivity, and if we’re going to be published, we have to write. So, how do we avoid the vicious cycle of discouragement vs. writing?


Just as discouragement is the enemy of productivity, deadlines are the nemesis of doubt, discouragement, and impatience. Deadlines are an act of faith. When we set a deadline, we’re telling ourselves that we can. We’re committing ourselves to the task. We’re showing ourselves to be faithful that God will deliver. In His timing.

In April of this year, I wrote a blog post on deadlines for the ACFW Blog outlining why I think deadlines are one of the best ways we can move ourselves forward as writers. In fact, I believe that self-imposed deadlines can keep us ahead of the game, putting us in a place where we don’t have to scramble when opportunity knocks. And it will.

All in God’s timing. 

Just as discouragement is the enemy of productivity, deadlines are the nemesis of doubt, discouragement, and impatience. via @DevineDetour #SeriouslyWrite #amwriting


Kathy is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers, Christian Authors Network, MCRW, and RWA. She is the former publicity chairman for her local writer’s group and a member of The Book Club Network Volunteer Board of Directors. Follow Kathy on Facebook (, Twitter (, and Instagram (


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    1. Melissa, there have been some commenting issues, so I'm posting Kathy's reply below. :)

      Hi, Melissa! I don't know if you're like me, but sometimes, even when I know better, I still have a difficult time resting in that. I suppose that's why we usually have to continue to 'learn patience' throughout our lives.

  2. Yes - deadlines definitely help keep us on track! Whether they are self-imposed or not, without them, it's easy to put things off.

    1. This is Kathy's response, Dawn:

      I’m with you, Dawn :)

  3. Thanks for the post, Kathy! I used to have a sign hanging in my kitchen that said, "God grant me patience, but hurry!" That pretty much summed up my philosophy. Setting deadlines is something I need to do more often. I also need to remember not to get too upset with myself if I miss one...and just keep plugging along. Eventually I'll get there. :) Blessings!

  4. From Kathy:

    That’s so true, JoAnn. Missing a deadline sometimes happens. We just have to jump back on the horse when he throws us :)


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