Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Writers Beware: Your Real-life May Intrude on Your Creativity! by Julia David

Like everyone, I pray for the leading of the Holy Spirit for hope, purpose, and redemption through my words, plots, and characters. And a good out and out page-turning love story. But now that I'm six books in this career, I see some interesting patterns.

By day I have a job helping pregnant and parenting teens get their high school diploma. Funny that quite a few of my well-intentioned heroines deal with an unplanned pregnancy. I was a foster parent for fifteen years and adopted two sisters from foster care. My whole Leaving Lennhurst Asylum series is what it was like for the discarded and disadvantaged children before there was the foster care system.

One of the characters I can write with ease is the overworked church girl. Even though my stories are historical, she flows from my fingers. I lived for years believing that more was Godly. Fatigue was a lack of faith, and service was the way to approval. Ugg. Don’t get me wrong; the gospel goes forth today because of women who serve and sacrifice. (and write) But it took me years to understand, my approval and acceptance were demonstrated on the cross. I can't earn His love or work for it. It’s already mine.

The common saying in writing is," write what you know." Or write what you've lived. Whole-hearted creative women use all of life's highs and lows in the raw and vulnerable message of their writing. Who knew this life was going to be fodder for a good love/redemption story.

God knew since He’s telling that love story through all of us. 

Whole-hearted creative women use all of life's highs and lows in the raw and vulnerable message of their writing. #SeriouslyWrite #amwriting


Author of Christian Historical Romance, Julia David loves the wild walk of faith. A former
Women’s Ministry director turned romance writer is a great example. A serial thrifter and DIY’er for fun, she camps around Oregon and Northern California with her large imperfect (a husband that could skip camping and live in peace) family. The next series, Loves Pure Gold coming from juliadwrites is a fun romp of love in the early Gold Rush Boomtowns of California.


  1. True. My daily life often ends up in some form on my blog or in a story. :-)

  2. Oh, yes ... there are parts of me and my life in all of my stories! LOL!

  3. What a great experience you have for sharing in stories which can help those struggling with those issues.


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