Monday, October 28, 2019

Road Trip Writing

A trip for business or fun can provide opportunities for great stories. Before leaving the house, certain lists have to be checked and preparations made for travel.

Packing my medium sized black suitcase with daily outfits, pajamas, underwear, socks and toiletries can take time and many lists. I usually create a note of everything needed for overnight trips. A list for me and one for my husband. Of course, he never needs to view my notes because I pack for him, but that is another story.

One essential item I like to take along is a notepad. Whether a big lined tablet or small pocket sized paper, having pen and paper is vital for the trip. No laptop for me so these writing utensils are part of my important “list for trip”. A special pink bag contains various ink pens, paper, sticky notes and the ever important soft peppermint candy.

Writing everyday is a joy for me. A long story or just a few notes keeps my writing active and the creative process full steam ahead.

People ask, “Do you write when you travel? Isn’t that hard?”

My answer, “Yes, I write when I travel. I find moments here and there to absorb surroundings and notice the people.”

A very strange experience occurred on this trip when we checked into the hotel. Receiving our welcome at the front desk, the staff member handed us a coupon for evening appetizers. All checked in, we headed for the elevator. Arriving at our room, we soon discovered the room key would not work. Back down to the desk, hubby explained the key issue. We were given another key and a staff person accompanied us to the room to make sure the key worked( or probably to make sure we knew how to use the key).
The lady flashed the card in front of the door lock and “click” was heard. This alerted us that the door unlocked.

Big problem! We opened the hotel room door and noticed the room was already occupied. Suitcases were on the beds. Luckily no one was in the room or in the shower. Yikes!
Waiting in the hallway for another staff member to accompany us to different room, we reminded ourselves of our family motto. “It’s Always A Story With The Henderson’s.” A nice room was finally found and we continued with our visit.
I will definitely write about the hotel room incident.
Making notes of specific events helps me when I am ready to create a story or blog post. Having my pens and notepad allow me to jot thoughts and continue enjoying the trip. I will continue with my “Road Trip Writing”.

Do you write when you travel? Share an experience or two with us.

Making notes of specific events helps me when I am ready to create a story or blog post. #seriouslywrite @mimionlife

Stay safe and have a blessed writing day,
Melissa Henderson

Melissa Henderson is a writer of inspirational messages through fiction, non-fiction, devotions, guest blogs, articles and more. Her first children’s book, “Licky the Lizard” was released in 2018. Some of her passions are helping in community and church. Melissa and her husband Alan moved from Virginia to South Carolina in 2017 to be near son, daughter-in-love and first grandchild. The family motto is "It’s Always A Story With The Henderson".

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