Thursday, May 23, 2019

What You Can Gain From a Writing Conference by Kathryn Spurgeon

I had many writing questions and needed a renewed vision.

Which of my writing projects should I work on next?

Which direction was the Lord leading?

How should I go about marketing?

Mostly, I was weary. Having twelve grandchildren, hosting international students in my home every week, and caring for an ill mother, I needed spiritual encouragement.

I’d heard about the Mount Hermon Writing Conference, and this year, the Lord (along with friends and family) nudged me to attend. I’m so glad they did.

The area is a summer campground on steroids. Giant redwoods, wandering trails, and the bubbling Bean Creek running throughout. A friend whispered reverently as we enjoyed the cool, perfect breeze, “It’s like a Garden of Edin.” Well—almost. I can now imagine quaint, little cabins perched on a beautiful mountainside in heaven.

I can’t say what was best, the relaxed atmosphere, the beautiful location, or the tons of information I received. I met writers, editors, poets, publishers, and song and script writers. The information given—and I’m a seasoned writer—was very useful and valuable. Tracks were available from newbie writers to those who have written for years.

The camp first opened in 1907 and the writing conferences began fifty years ago. The conference helps Christian writers learn, connect, and achieve their publishing goals. This conference is a secret I want to keep to myself, yet at the same time, shout out to the Christian writing world.

This little hidden village of writing smurfs is well worth the time and money. So much was crammed into three glorious days.

The Lord’s presence surrounded us. I loved the awesome Palm Sunday service, each individual encounter with like-minded professionals, and the informational and uplifting classes. The professional leaders offered not only relaxed, open discussions, but guided prayer times pointing us to the Lord for guidance.

As writers who seek to share the message of hope with others, this congregation of followers is a light in the darkness. To carry our missive effectively, it’s essential to unite and lift each other up. Mount Hermon Writing conference is a fabulous way to recharge spiritually as we carry on the important work God has given us.

I left with a plan, a renewed vision, and additional knowledge to help me as I continue writing. Lord willing, I’ll be attending again next year. Hope to see you there.

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Kathryn Spurgeon writes FAITH STORIES FROM THE PAST. Christian historical novels with a focus on 1930s America using true stories and actual locations. A winner of a 2018 Illumination Award, she has also won many other awards for her short stories, articles, and poetry.

She studied creative writing at the University of Central Oklahoma after earning a degree from the University of Oklahoma. She has spoken at many women's conferences around the world.

She grew up on a farm in Oklahoma before moving to South Korea and adopting two daughters.
Kathryn and her husband, Bill, have six children and twelve grandchildren,

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  1. Hi Kathryn! Thanks for guesting on Seriously Write. Mount Hermon sounds amazing. I would love to attend that conference one year.

    I love what you said about feeling renewed. To me, that sense of renewal is one of the greatest blessings of attending a writer’s conference.

    I can’t wait to see what you do next!


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