Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Getting Started: Tips From the Greats by Sandra Ardoin

We all have what we believe are award-winning ideas, those ambitions to write something others will find stupendous and page turning.

But sometimes our plans are bigger than our know-how or, let’s face it, our courage. Maybe we’ve let our fears of failure keep us from getting those first words on the page.

So while you consider how you’ll occupy those upcoming poolside hours or sent-the-kids-to-camp-I’m-free days, here’s a little nudge from some of the greats to get you started on your path to writing success.

If you want your writing published, you have to understand that it is a job. Set regular hours and treat it as if you're actually getting paid for what you do. 😉 By the way, who in their right mind argues with Stephen King? **shivers** 

Don't wait for the right time to begin your story because there will be no right time, only procrastination and "I want to"s. Go on. Get moving. 

You'll never lack for ideas, so choose the one that excites you the most and stick with it. Don't be tempted by all the shiny new ideas that come calling before you've written "The End."

It's amazing how often I've written something off the top of my head and later found it to be incredibly useful to my plot. To me that's God writing my story. For Ray Bradbury's "intuition," I would substitute God.

Follow that Peter Rabbit trail and enjoy the journey!

What writing quote gives you inspiration?

A little nudge from some of the greats to get you started on your path to writing success. via @SandraArdoin #SeriouslyWrite #amwriting


A Love Most Worthy

She didn’t know which was colder, an Arctic winter or her new husband’s heart.

Hallie Russell believes life should be lived to the fullest. For that reason, she sails to the gold
rush town of Nome, Alaska to take her cousin’s place as the mail-order bride of a respected shopkeeper. But when her aloof husband’s wedding-night announcement rocks her plans for their marriage, Hallie sees her desire for a family to call her own vanish as quickly as the dreams of hopeful miners.

Tragedy led Rance Preston to repent of his rowdy ways and open a general store for the miners in Nome. He’s content in his bachelorhood, but his two orphaned nephews deserve a proper and serious-minded mother. Duped once by a vivacious female, he’s determined to never again let his heart overrule his head…until the high spirits of his new bride threaten his resolve.

When a misunderstanding comes to light, will they allow the gale force winds of insecurity to destroy what they each need most?


As an author of heartwarming and award-winning historical romance, Sandra Ardoin engages readers with page-turning stories of love and faith. Rarely out of reach of a book, she's also an armchair sports enthusiast, country music listener, and seldom says no to eating out.

Visit her at Connect with her on BookBub, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and Pinterest.

As a gift for her newsletter subscribers, Sandra wrote a short story to accompany A Love Most Worthy—a “prelude.” It provides some insight into Hallie’s story, something those who read only the novella won’t receive. Join the Love and Faith in Fiction community and keep up with what’s new, discover what’s upcoming, and learn of specials and giveaways.