Thursday, May 9, 2019

Story Ideas Abound - - Even in a Surgeon’s Office By Patti Jo Moore

This past Monday morning, I had skin cancer surgery on my face. ☹ Since the area was very close to my right eye, I was a bit nervous, but had been assured this particular surgeon was top-notch (which he was). After having the cancerous place removed, I returned to the waiting room sporting a puffy bandage along with a puffy eye, to sit until the results of my biopsy were back. Since I’d been told this could take a while (two hours), I’d come prepared with a devotional book, my trusty word-search book, and paper and pen. My husband was with me, patiently playing Solitaire on his Kindle as he waited. 😉

After reading devotions and solving word puzzles, I took out my paper and pen. I glanced around the large waiting room at the various people seated around me—all ages of men and women. A teen-aged boy sat beside his mom, a middle-aged man sat nearby, a young woman who appeared close to twenty sat near me, and a sweet, elderly couple sat about ten feet away from me. I didn’t know any of these people, but I knew they all have stories. My writer’s imagination took off, and I began scribbling notes on my paper. My husband even paused during his Solitaire game to see what I was doing.

Before I knew it, a nurse stepped into the waiting area to summon me back to the surgical area again. The surgeon congratulated me and said he’d gotten all the cancer cells in the first cutting, and grinned as he added, “You must be living right.” I quickly told him I’d had lots of wonderful people praying for me, so I was certain that’s why my surgery had a good outcome. When he responded that “having that higher connection” must’ve helped, my writer’s brain again took off. So, as he put a zillion tiny stitches in my face, my mind whirled with thoughts about the surgeon and his life. Was he a believer? What had inspired him to become a surgeon? Listening to the nurse’s comments also prompted story ideas, so when I left the surgeon’s office a while later, I had a plethora of ideas tucked away in my mind.

As writers, we know that story ideas are everywhere. But sometimes—even when we’re in a tense situation and not really focused on our writing—we can still be presented with ideas and characters for future stories. Not to mention that when we’re focused on others, our minds cannot dwell on our own situation and conjuring up worst-case scenarios (especially in a doctor’s office). I left my surgeon’s office feeling relieved (although in pain) and thankful for all the characters I’d “met” that day!

In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. I Thess. 5:18

In Tune With Romance 

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Meg Mills is thankful she relocated to Coastal Breeze after becoming widowed two years earlier. As she makes plans to achieve her dream of owning a small bookstore, she begins doubting herself after being harassed by her late husband’s stepmother. She’s also confused at her strong attraction to the shy, lanky piano tuner who arrives for an appointment one day. Todd Davis is grateful for his aunt’s encouragement to move to Coastal Breeze after a painful divorce, and is soon captivated by an outgoing piano tuning client. But he’s an introvert, and feels certain the pretty widow wouldn’t be interested in him. When Todd is hired as the local church’s choir director, he hopes this will help him get to know the attractive widow better—if he can come out of his shell. When the cousin who bullied Todd as a youth unexpectedly arrives in Coastal Breeze, Todd must confront his greatest fear, while getting past the pain of his memories. Meg worries that her exuberant personality has driven Todd away—until she learns the truth Amazon Buy Linkabout his past. Can two people who are polar opposites help each other & find romance in the process?

Patti Jo Moore writes “Sweet, Southern Stories” and has lived in Georgia all her life. Her very first series, Emerald Coast Romances, is published by Forget-Me-Not Romances and is set on the Florida panhandle. Each book is a stand-alone, and Patti Jo hopes her readers enjoy “visiting” her fictional town of Coastal Breeze. The third book is In Tune With Romance and features Meg, an outgoing widow who wants to start her own business, and Todd, an introverted piano-tuner who must confront his greatest fear. Can two people who are polar opposites help each other and find romance in the process?

Patti Jo loves Jesus, her family, cats, and coffee. She loves connecting with other readers and authors. You can visit her on Facebook at Author Patti Jo Moore, or her personal blog at