Thursday, March 7, 2019

Eat Your Vegetables by Tina Radcliffe

The writing journey is unmistakably challenging. At eleven traditional books in I can tell you I am only just beginning to understand how much I don’t know.

We live each day with more ups, downs, and rattles than a wooden roller coaster The path is often murky, the gratifications and paychecks shaky and definitely not timely.  It’s also a calling that keeps us humble though it requires us to toot our own horn to be heard. Should we toot too loudly, there is someone out there who will happily point out our shortcomings.

This calling requires introverts, people who live in their heads, to become social beings. Not only must we master our craft, but we must master the art of selling ourselves. We write the copy, and spin the copy, and sell ourselves like a bottle of Pepsi.

We routinely have our patience, our sanity and our ability to juggle six things at once tested. Often we fail. I contend that there is no balance in this profession. Even boundaries are precariously drawn and often smudged at the edges.

It’s also a lonely journey. Despite our ability to reach out and touch, the creative process is still a solitary endeavor.

Yet, we persevere because we don’t have any other choice. How can we not write?

 So I offer the few bits of wisdom I have picked up along the way. 
  • Keep the faith. Keep that relationship strong and hold it close. It’s the only thing that stands between you and a world filled with destruction and chaos. 
  • Write letters. I mean this. Pick up a pen and paper and send a card or a note of encouragement to those who mean something to you. Don’t forget this old-fashioned nicety.
  • Tell your loved ones that you love them. Daily. Say the words.
  • Don’t forget kindness as you go through your day. The world will buffer you like a cold storm, but your one smile when your eyes meet another’s can make someone’s day spin around from despair to hope.
  • Your words matter. This is a calling. You don’t get to decide to hide your calling under a basket. Your job is to step into your gift.
  • Do not abandon what you know to be true and right while you pursue your dreams. 
  • You really cannot get up unless you fall down. 
  • And finally, eat your vegetables. Chocolate is fine and dandy but good vegetables while sometimes boring will keep you strong and clear-eyed.
May the writing force be with you.

A freelance writer for over twenty years, Tina Radcliffe is an RWA Honor Roll member, a two-time RWA Golden Heart finalist, a three-time ACFW Carol Award nominee, and a 2018 ACFW Mentor of the Year recipient. Her 11th book for Harlequin Love Inspired, Her Last Chance Cowboy, released in February 2019.  In addition to novel-length fiction, Tina has sold over three dozen short stories to Woman’s World Magazine. A former library cataloger, Tina is a frequent presenter on writing topics and an online instructor. She currently resides in Arizona, where she writes fun, heartwarming romance and eats her vegetables.  Sign up for her author newsletter and market newsletter at


Her Last Chance Cowboy   
She came seeking family…
Will she find love at 
Big Heart Ranch

When pregnant single mother Hannah Vincent shows up professing to be the half sister of the Maxwells of Big Heart Ranch, horse trainer Tripp Walker is wary. Wounded before, he doesn’t trust easily. If only Hannah and her feisty five-year-old daughter weren’t so impossible to resist. Now, despite his doubts, joining this little family is quickly becoming the cautious cowboy’s greatest wish.