Friday, February 8, 2019

Dreary, Weary, or Cheery? by Patti Jo Moore

Patti Jo Moore
This time of year can bring on winter woes, and writers aren’t exempt. But check out today’s tips for turning Eeyore-like attitudes around. And be sure to join us on the second Thursday of every month to read more of Patti Jo Moore’s posts as a “regular contributor” here on Seriously Write.

Dreary, Weary, 
or Cheery?

My blog title today may seem a bit silly—but as a former kindergarten teacher, I love rhyming words. 😉

Since we are right in the middle of winter, a lot of people are experiencing bitterly cold weather, complete with snow. Lots of snow. Others have cold weather, but without the snow. Some of us have had a lot of rain—cold rain falling from gray skies. Dreary.

If we’re not careful, that dreary weather can affect our mood, which for a writer may not be a good thing (unless you’re writing a sad scene with downcast characters—but still—who wants their mood to match dreary weather?). 

Other people feel weary in the winter. Tiredness sets in, and it’s difficult to get much of anything done—including word counts. That spark of motivation we had at the beginning of the new year has all but fizzled out. We are tired. Weary.

But take heart! Springtime is coming—snow will melt (eventually), and the sun will shine. 😊 Even though we have no control over the weather, we can do some things to improve our mood and energy levels. **Please note—if you are concerned you have a true health-related issue going on, please see your doctor! My post is not making light of real medical issues!**

Here are a few ideas to help us feel CHEERY in the winter—possibly even boosting our word counts and creativity.

  • Christmas lights! Yes, I LOVE bright, colorful Christmas lights, and keep them handy year-round. I have a string of lights in my office, and it’s amazing how those festive colors brighten up the room (and my spirits!).
  • Music –Whatever kind of music is uplifting for you—play it! I personally prefer to write in silence, but now and then I’ll play soothing, classical music while writing.
  • Physical movement – Yes, this is common sense, but I often need to remind myself to get out of my chair and MOVE! We writers can become so involved in our stories, we lose track of time. Even if you cannot get outside for a walk, simply moving around in your home and stretching will help. 
  • People and Pets – Sometimes writers just need to spend time with another live person (not that we don’t love our fictional characters). Plan to meet a friend or relative for lunch. Do pets make you happy? I love cats and have six. Usually when I’m writing, at least several are snoozing nearby, and their presence makes me happy. 
  • Bible time – For me, this is the most important. My Bible is filled with verses that remind me how blessed I am. Reading uplifting passages of Scripture renews my spirit, and then I’m ready to tackle my writing again.

May the remainder of this winter be filled with productive and cheery days! 😊 

Gracie Norton loves her life on Florida’s gulf coast. When a handsome widower with adorable twins moves in next door, Gracie’s life soon changes. As Gracie helps her neighbor during a crisis, she must face her biggest fear. Could young twins be the matchmakers for an unexpected romance? 

Patti Jo Moore is a retired kindergarten teacher and now a full-time writer. She’s a lifelong Georgia girl who loves Jesus, her family, cats, and coffee. She’s published two books with Forget-Me-Not Romances, with her third book releasing soon. Patti Jo enjoys connecting with readers and other writers. You can find her on Facebook at Author Patti Jo Moore. Or visit her blog at