Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Hello, My Name is Mary

Mary Albers Felkins
Following an invitation from fellow author, Dawn Kinzer, my first article for Seriously Write (“Entrusted”) was published last April. What a thrill!

Prior to the article's publication and eager to virtually sit at the feet of other contributors throughout the week, I subscribed.

Mind you, not every blog that spills into the ever-bulging walls of my inbox gets my attention. This one always does. 

So to be asked to join the amazing team of Seriously Write authors as a hostess and administrate posts for Aspiring Author Tuesdays was—and is—an honor.

Time for proper intro and a bit of backstory.

Hello, my name is Mary. (makes me think of those annoying adhesive name tags we always forget we're wearing until the WalMart cashier glances at it with a wry grin)

My husband and I were both raised in Houston, Texas. In 1997, God moved us to the foothills of North Carolina. And whadya know, they have these things here called seasons, our monochromatic world now ablaze with color each fall.

We've been blessed with four semi-adult children, ages 17-25. They make for excellent writing material.

Years ago, in the mix of home educating these young souls, I worked as a Clinical Dietitian while also acquiring a Master’s Degree in Nutrition. Hey, I like food.

I maintained a private nutrition counseling practice and, for a short season, conducted 90-minute nutrition education tours - To Market With Mary 😊 - at a local grocery store.

Did I mention I like food?

But wait, wha—?? How does one go from home education and working as a Dietitian to… a writer?

Because I believe that undeniable “God stuff” that makes us writers has always been there. Only it didn’t surface—knocking pretty loudly—until my children became more independent, creating more brain space for me to revisit the joys of writing I’d experienced as a child.

You see, once upon a time I’d scribbled numerous stories on unlined paper and stapled the sheets together to make a real “book.” Even created my own logo on the back (construction paper) flap for authenticity. Without realizing it, I’d been watering the seed of a dream God chose to grow into a reality.

Today, my first inspirational romance novel, Call To Love, will be released this November. I have a literary agent and publish weekly, story-style devos on my website. I've been a guest on other blogs and have several articles featured in on-line publications.

My point? As writers, we have what it takes, though the "it" will need to be honed and re-worked and polished. And that's is when it gets difficult. That's when the joy seeps out unaware and we become weary. That's when we cave to thoughts of giving up.

Aspiring Author Tuesdays will continue to draw us away from the pit of discouragement, lift our eyes to the Lord, and sharpen our skills.

If called by God—the Author—the stories we carry in our hearts are like an uncut slab of marble, a Louvre-worthy masterpiece waiting to emerge. The chiseling will be painful but the beauty will be a blessing to the beholders.

Until next time, may God bless and protect our efforts.

P.S. My children have the worst eating habits. So much for those degrees in nutrition.