Thursday, January 10, 2019

WALK, DON’T RUN by Patti Jo Moore

I'm so pleased to welcome Patti Jo Moore as a regular contributor on This and That Thursdays on Seriously Write!  She will be posting on the second Thursday of each month. Patti Jo is a special person and I know her posts will enrich your lives.

Hello, Friends! I am thrilled and honored to be a regular contributor now on Seriously Write - - especially since I’ve read and enjoyed this wonderful blog for quite some time. 😊

Since we’ve recently begun a brand-new year, a lot of folks (myself included) have chosen a special word for 2019. I always pray and seek God’s direction on my word, and there have been a few years that found me wondering if I’d heard the Lord correctly. But this year, there was no doubt - - my special word for 2019 is WALK.

This word has a two-fold meaning for me, because in the physical sense I definitely need to do more walking for exercise! Even though I have physical limitations since my spinal surgeries a few years back, walking is good (as long as I’m on flat ground and not climbing hills). Now let me say that I greatly admire those of you who are runners. My middle daughter loves to run and has coached a high school cross-country team, loving every minute. Running is great for those who can, but I must stick to walking.

In addition to increasing my distance of physical walking, I yearn to have a closer spiritual walk with my Lord. Daily time with Him is so important, and I do make sure to spend time in my Bible, devotional books, and prayer daily. Yet many days I tend to tackle chores and errands first, and then sit at my desk (or kitchen table) with my Bible and devotional guides. Usually by that time my mind and body are tired, so even a big mug of coffee isn’t enough to help me fully absorb what I need to in my Bible reading.

This year, I am determined to be more intentional about my time spent with the Lord throughout each day. I am certain that by doing this, He will guide and direct me—not only in daily life, but in my writing journey as well. May I strive to walk alongside Him no matter where I am or what I am doing.

I was recently reminded of a church sign my precious Daddy told me about, just a few years before he moved on to Heaven. The sign read:

                    You cannot WALK with the Lord, if you’re RUNNING with the world.

Oh, how true this is! The world has such a strong pull on us, and it’s so easy to get caught up in the things of this world, running to keep up with others and current trends. Yet if we’ll focus on our daily walk with the Lord, He will keep us on the right path—with our writing and in all areas of life.  

                            For we walk by faith, not by sight.  II Corinthians 5:7 

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Gracie Norton has happily relocated from north Georgia to a quaint community on Florida’s gulf coast. Since she loves children and animals, she’s thankful for her new job as a veterinary assistant, and she’s drawn to the precious twins who’ve moved in next door. Their handsome but reserved father is a different story, however.

Widower Blake Donovan hopes moving his young twins to a small coastal town will give them all a fresh start. Yet his dissatisfaction with his job and his unwanted, growing attraction for his pretty neighbor are frustrating him. He wonders if he will ever feel a sense of peace again.

When a serious situation occurs, Gracie must overcome her biggest fear to help Blake and his twins. In doing so, she realizes how much she cares for the children and their father. Blake’s medical emergency results in a restoration of his faith—and helps him realize he can’t deny his feelings for Gracie. Could young twins be the matchmakers to bring about
an unexpected romance?
Patti Jo Moore is a retired kindergarten teacher and lifelong Georgia girl. She loves Jesus, her family, cats, and coffee, and is blessed to be published with Forget-Me-Not Romances. When she’s not spending time with her family (including her sweet grandbaby) or writing her “Sweet, Southern Stories” Patti Jo can be found feeding cats - - her own six and local strays. She loves connecting with readers and other writers, and can be found on Facebook at Author Patti Jo Moore or her personal blog at