Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The Reformation Writer: Scaring Away the Fears that Spook Your Writer’s Heart by Jerusha Agen

His footsteps were sure as he marched up the stairs, the vital words he’d carefully, prayerfully written clutched in his hand. 
Jerusha Agen

The doors of the church loomed over him. 

Martin Luther lifted his paper and nailed the ninety-five theses to the door. 

The world would never be the same.

While most of our culture thinks of October 31st as Halloween, some Christians realize that date celebrates something far more important. It’s Reformation Day.

This year marks the 500th anniversary of the start of the Reformation that changed not just church history, but the history of humanity in countless ways. 

Today, Christians have Bibles in their own language and churches that allow and encourage individuals to study Scripture on their own. Christians have a clearer understanding of salvation by faith alone, through Christ alone. They have a deeper knowledge of the mercy, grace, and providential omniscience of God. These are just a few of the many positive changes brought about by the Reformation.

And it all started with words. As the Holy Spirit moved in Martin Luther and other reformers in several countries, opening their eyes to the truth of Scripture, He guided them to speak of their newfound convictions, but more importantly, to write of them.

Through letters, booklets, and full-sized tomes, the written word became the means by which the crucial truth of the true Gospel was declared.

But what if Luther, John Calvin, and the other reformers hadn’t written a word? They probably had no idea, before they put pen to paper, that their written words would have such enormous impact.

Maybe they were just like us. Maybe they battled fear and doubt that told them their words wouldn’t be good enough, people weren’t going to like what they wrote, they weren’t the right person for the task. 

Luther certainly had plenty of reasons to fear when he wrote his ninety-five theses, letters, and books. People tried to kill him because of his writings, and he knew that when he wrote many of them.

Yet, though Luther had higher stakes and actual danger threatening if he wrote the truth, he still obeyed God’s call. He fearlessly wrote the first words, then more, and then more.

When I sit in front of a blank document on my computer or get stuck midway through a manuscript, fear often assaults me. I’m not a good enough writer to write this story. I’m not creative enough. Readers won’t like it. Agents and publishers won’t want to publish it. Maybe I’m not supposed to write at all. Maybe I’m wasting my time.

Sound familiar? Or maybe you have other doubts and fears, such as worry that this book won’t be as successful as your previously published works. Perhaps that the story or article won’t turn out as good as it is in your head. Maybe that people will criticize or reject you and your writing.

But if you’re a Christian writer, you have a reason and the means to fight those fears. Just like Luther, you’ve been called to carry God’s message, to write His truth and share the hope He offers through your writing.

Our writing may not change the world as much as Luther’s did (though you never know, right?), but following God’s call—beating back the fear to step out in faith—always changes the world, even if it’s only by changing one heart, and even if that heart is the writer’s.

So this Reformation Day and in the days and years to come, let’s be reformers with our writing. Let’s cut through our fears with the assurance that we have been called by a mighty God who has prepared the way and will carry us through to the completion of His work.

You have been chosen and equipped for this exact moment in history. What will you write that will change the world?

What doubts and fears hold you back from writing? How do you overcome them? 

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About the Author
Jerusha Agen imagines danger around every corner but knows God is there, too. So naturally, she writes romantic suspense infused with the hope of salvation in Jesus Christ. With a B.A. in English and a background in screenwriting, Jerusha is the author of The Sisters Redeemed Series. Jerusha writes about fighting against fear in our everyday lives at the Fear Warrior Blog (www.JerushaAgen.com/blog). Visit Jerusha at www.JerushaAgen.com and connect with her on Facebook (@JerushaAgenAuthor) Twitter (@SDGwords), and Pinterest (@JerushaAgen).

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