Monday, October 23, 2017

A Buffet of Romance by Mary Manners

A Buffet of Romance
Mary Manners
Inspirational Romance has grown into a scrumptious buffet, offering a variety of heart-racing tales like never before. Characters in inspirational stories are by no means perfect; they often harbor flawed and even scandalous pasts and are searching for redemption. Today’s inspirational novels tend to be edgier with themes and plot-twists that mirror current headlines. Authors are not afraid to don boxing gloves and duke it out by weaving newsworthy, tough issues into their plotlines.
The most satisfying romances involve the transformation of the hero, heroine, or both. A struggle with mistakes of the past is a common theme while hope for the future prevails with a highly-sought happily-ever-after. The genre has actively branched out into the young adult marketplace. Today’s teens yearn for stories they can relate to…wholesome romances with lessons that are heartwarming and ultimately positive.
Inspirational romance has a growing variety of food groups sure to satisfy all readers, whether their tastes run to historical, contemporary, suspenseful or young-adult stories. Beyond the inspirational flavor, what makes these romances so good is no different from what makes any other story good—an interesting plotline with relatable characters who are searching for something more…something to fulfill their heart and soul.
So fill your plate (and your library shelves) with stories sure to leave an impression. And remember that it’s perfectly fine to enjoy a second helping…even a third or fourth.

Claire McLaughlin, weary of running a corporate rat-race, dreams of pursuing her passion to bake sweet confections. So when former college roommate Lila Brooks asks for her help with catering services at Diamond Knot Dreams Bridal Boutique, Claire grabs the invitation with both hands.

Ryan Kendrick has returned home to Clover Cove to raise his step-brother following the death of their grandmother. Hired to renovate the Town Square, he rents office space on the second floor of Diamond Knot Dreams and soon succumbs to talented Claire McLaughlin’s sweet confections—as well as the blue-eyed beauty herself.

As their romance blooms, so do the shenanigans of Diamond Knot Dreams' meddling spirit, Ellie. Will her antics help to draw Claire and Ryan closer together, or bring the blossoming romance to a grinding halt?
Mary Manners is a country girl at heart who has spent a lifetime exploring her joy of writing. She has two sons, a daughter, and three beautiful grandchildren. She currently lives along the sunny shores of Jacksonville Beach with her husband Tim.
A former teacher and intermediate school principal, Mary spent three decades sharing her love of learning. While growing up in Chicago, Mary worked her way to college through a variety of odd jobs including paper girl, hot dog vendor, grocery store cashier, lifeguard, swim instructor, pizza chef, and nanny. Many of these experiences led to adventures that bring a touch of humor to her stories.
Mary’s writing has earned her multiple awards including a two-time Inspirational Reader’s Choice award, the Gail Wilson Award of Excellence, the Aspen Gold, the Heart of Excellence, and the National Excellence in Romance Fiction Award.
Mary loves long sunrise runs, ocean sunsets, and flavored coffee. She recently conquered her fear of heights (sort of) by completing the Gate River Run over downtown Jacksonville’s bridges last spring.
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