Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Writing When You Don't Have the Words by Sharon Hinck

Sharon Hinck
“Honey, could you hand me that… that thing… you know…the round thing. It’s red. People eat it.”

“You mean an apple?”


Aphasia (difficulty remembering/finding words) can lead to some funny conversations. But it’s a bit of a problem when you’re a writer.

Several years ago, (after loads of fun and the publication of seven novels) I was sidelined from my writing work by health issues that included some memory problems and cognitive loss. For quite awhile I wasn’t able to write at all. Slowly, I improved enough to begin writing short devotions. Then I wrote bonus material for the first three Sword of Lyric books as new editions were released with a new publisher.

Gradually, I resumed work on The Deliverer, a story I’d begun before I got sick. Now the book is finished—seven years after beginning the manuscript. That wasn’t the pace I had in mind when I began the story. I couldn’t have imagined the interruptions that would come. But I’m so grateful God allowed me to complete the book.

In that wonderful way God has of making use of our trials, part of Linette’s journey involves her loss of memory. I was able to draw from the fear and frustration of my experiences to depict her struggle—not just with the loss of memory, but the loss of her vocation. I hope her story will encourage anyone who has faced the painful question, “If I can no longer do this, then who am I?”

This book, The Deliverer, releases July 25, 2015. Be sure to check out the summary and links below.
About the Author
About Sharon Hinck
Award-winning author Sharon Hinck writes “stories for the hero in all of us,” about ordinary women on extraordinary faith journeys. She has been honored with a Christy finalist medal, and three Carol awards for her previous books.

Sharon’s undergrad degree is in education, and she earned an M.A. in Communication from Regent University. She has been a church youth worker, a choreographer and ballet teacher, a home-school mom, a church organist, and a bookstore clerk. One day she’ll figure out what to be when she grows up, but in the meantime she’s pouring her imagination into writing.

Information about her novels as well as her devotional writing can be found at her sharonhinck.com website

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About The Deliverer

A lost songkeeper must lead her people to a long awaited Deliverer
The Deliverer
by Sharon Hinck

Eager to serve the One, a young songkeeper travels to the dark and foreign nation of Hazor, but her confusing, rough-edged companion has lost his Restorer gifts. As danger rises against them both, she loses her freedom, her memories, and her hope. Now even the very music of her soul is threatened.

In our world, Susan Mitchell no longer feels at home in the carpool lane. Burdened by the unhealed scars from her trips through the portal, she fights to suppress her worry about her son, who remains out of contact in Lyric. But when a mysterious message hints Jake is in danger, she and her husband are swept away—to the place they least expect.

Clan rebellions. Lost Restorers. Has the One turned away, or will the face of the Deliverer bring light to the darkness?

The Deliverer releases on July 25 and can be pre-ordered here.