Friday, July 31, 2015

The Presence of the W in Your Life and Writing: Encouragement for Writers by Hannah Conway

Isn’t that an interesting title? Can you guess what the “W” stands for?  Author Hannah Conway offers a helpful and encouraging view of how our spiritual lives can parallel the stories we write.  ~ Dawn


The W—story outline, plotlines, hero’s journey—what’evs. The W, and its components, can be found in stories far and wide, in our writing, and in our Faith Journey. That same W is found in God’s Word, because it’s the outline of HIS STORY—His redemptive story to us.

It begins with Point A, at the top of the W: In the Beginning. Genesis my friends. Life was perfect then, but (enter thematic music)…

Point B: The point of no return, or the inciting incident. In God’s Word this is when sin enters the world, and we are separated from Him. There’s no going back my friends. We are forced forward from the Garden. The Journey begins! Yes, there are obstacles and twists along the way, but we hope to one day be reunited with God.

Point C: After many struggles, our hope is found! It’s that moment when it seems as if we’ve won! God provided Jesus, our ONLY hope to be reunited with Him. A great victory, my friends! However, another twist lies ahead…

Point D: The darkest night of the soul. For followers of Christ, this was the death of Jesus. All hope was lost. We would never be reunited with God (enter some serious sad music). Yet, wait…

Point E: He’s RISEN! Redemption! He’s alive, and there’s hope for eternal life with God for anyone who believes in Him!

OH WOW! Isn’t our God a MASTER at wielding a story? He has us on the edge of our seats drawing us in, inviting us to follow along. The perfect story. The perfect, true, story.

Take a minute to recall your favorite story, and or movie. Can you find the W, and all it’s points (A-E)? I’m mentally listing the thousands of best-evers right now. So many!

Every story has a beginning, an inciting incident, a victory, an all hope is lost moment, but then ends with a redemptive quality.

That’s God’s story! Awesome, right?

As Christian writers we get to use that W in our stories to make our readers flip the page, and stay up all hours of the night to get through one more chapter. Is it the power of the W? No. It’s the POWER of God’s Redemptive Story told a million different ways. 

Take another minute and find the W in your Faith Journey (life as a Christian). What is God’s redemptive story in your life? Maybe it’s more than one W. I know I have several W’s in my life.

Make the W. Fill in the plot lines, and be amazed at what God has done.

As an Army Wife, I can see God’s hand on the plotlines of my life. The W is clear. I’m grateful for His presence from beginning to the redemptive end.

I want to encourage you as writers to look for the W in your life, and let it overflow into your writing as you share the truth of His Words with your readers.

Hannah Conway

Hannah Conway, a Kentucky native, is an Army Wife of more than a decade, Speaker, and a Stay at Home Mother of two. She’s the author of The Wounded Warrior’s Wife, and Wedding a Warrior: A Novella Prequel to The Wounded Warrior’s Wife (FREE ON EBOOK) with Olivia Kimbrell Press, & member of the ACFW. She and her family reside in Clarksville, TN, near Ft. Campbell, KY.


Twitter: @hannahrconway

WHITLEIGH CROMWELL dreamt of a happy life with her newlywed husband. Army Private First Class COLLIER CROMWELL loved God, his wife, and his country, though the military demanded he pay a high cost.

When an unexpected deployment during the height of the Iraqi war sends Collier away for another year, their lives tumble down a path marked with struggles and fatalities.  War weary and faith crippled, Collier brings home a war of another kind leaving Whitleigh staring at the pieces of their shattered marriage.

Are there ever wounds too deep, and marriages too broken, that fall beyond even God's ability to restore?