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Never Give Up by Deborah Lynne

Deborah Lynee

Here on Seriously Write, we’ve been so fortunate to host a multitude of authors who have been willing to share their knowledge and experiences with those on their own journeys to publication. Earlier this month, author Deborah Lynne’s husband passed away. Yet, even while grieving her loss, Deborah still wanted to offer encouragement to other writers. We’re so blessed! 
 ~ Dawn

Never Give Up
by Deborah Lynne

How do you see yourself? Do you think one day I want to be a writer? I used to say that. Mind you, I had written several novels from start to finish. Nothing had been published so apparently I didn’t see myself as a writer, but thank God for brothers. Mine said, “Debbie, you are a writer. You’re an author…just not a published author yet.”

I’m telling you, God gives us a purpose and a passion for something that we can use to praise Him. Writing is one of them. So if He’s given that to you, know that you will succeed. You have to persevere. A published author is one who never quits! Remind yourself of that.

While diligently pursuing your writing, you must also grow as a writer. Don’t think you’re perfect no matter how well you pen a story. As you put yourself out there trying to find an agent or a publisher, you query them. If you receive a rejection turn that letter into a growth spurt in your writing. Understand why they rejected you and then learn all you can to turn that part of your writing around.

My first rejection told me I head hopped and that I needed to work on POV. I studied up on point-of-view and learned how to block my story; staying in one head for a period of time and learning whose head I needed to be in for each scene. My next rejection said, “You are a great storyteller but your characters are paper-dolls.” I thought what in the heck does that mean? So I started analyzing what other authors said about developing your characters. After I read and studied what others said, I went back and read my own stuff and realized how weak my characters were. Reviews sometimes say, “I love your characters. They come to life.”

Rewrite, rewrite, rewrite is the key as you learn more about writing. My first book that went under contract was the second book I had written…twenty years later. See! Perseverance pays off. Don’t quit!

Today I’d like to give you a few tips on making your characters come to life…just in case that is one of your problems.

Things to remember when writing, if your reader doesn’t care about your heroine or hero, they won’t care about reading your book either. Here are 3 tips I think will help you.

Make your characters believable/real – remember heroes/heroines have good and bad traits—no one is perfect.

Know everything about your characters before you start writing. Each of your characters have their own background, things that happened to them while growing up that makes them who they are, why they react the way they do.

Your characters have a physical description, a past, a worst fear, a goal, an inner conflict, and an outer conflict. Thread these things throughout your story.

Keep on writing! Remember you have a passion for it. Use it!


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Author Deborah Lynne shares tips on making your characters come to life. Click to tweet.

Ten years ago he stole her heart…then crushed it.
Now she’s gazing into his blue eyes again. Dare she hope that things could turn out differently this time?

The day Melilla Vasquez, curator of The San Francisco Institution of Art, has dreamed of has finally arrived. She’s worked hard to see the new Native American art exhibit, which showcases her own Navajo lineage, come to fruition. To add to her joy, she’ll be allowed to display a couple of her own paintings…the big break she’s waited for as an artist ever since college.

Then Lila receives a phone call that will change her world forever. Victoria, her old college roommate and a very wealthy woman, is dying. She trusts no one but Lila to raise Kaitlin, her baby, after she’s gone. But can Lila, a single woman, raise a child on her own? What about all the big plans she has for her career? Even more, choosing to help her friend means facing the only man she’s ever loved—Joseph Neal Rodman III, Vicky’s brother. Can her heart survive seeing him again? And can she live with herself if she doesn’t at least try?

Deborah Lynne, author of inspiration romance, mystery and romantic suspense, has penned eight novels. Her latest is After You’re Gone. She’s an active member of ACFW & RWA. Deborah Lynne says her books are fiction, but God is real.

Although she is a recent widow, she enjoyed 42 years of marriage to her wonderful husband Scott. They have three grown children and three grandsons.

Deborah is now writing her next Samantha Cain Mystery—Against Her Will, Book 4 in the series.

You can visit Deborah Lynne at her website:  or email her at  She loves hearing from her readers!


  1. I'm so sorry about your husband, Deborah.

    Thanks for the inspiring words today.

    1. Thanks Sandra. It's a one-day-at-a-time pain I'm walking through. I do know Scott's no longer in pain...and that's good... just not for us who misses him so. I'm glad you enjoyed the reading the message I was inspired to share.
      Deborah Lynne

  2. What a wise, encouraging brother!
    I'm so sorry for your loss, Deborah. Praying God's comforting arms would surround you and your family.

    1. Thanks Dora. His arms are around me and my family. He keeps His promises to comfort the mourners...only He didn't promise to take it away, so I have to keep walking forward and trusting Him.
      My brother helped me and I know his words will help others.
      Deborah Lynne

  3. Great advice, Deborah. You've given me lots to think about. Thank you so much for being so strong and sharing with us even though you've just gone through a terrible loss. My heart goes out to you and your family.

    1. Never give up on your writing, Allyn. Thanks for caring. This also keeps me going, everyone who commented, lifted me up in my time of sorrow and loss. This helps me too.

  4. So, so sorry for your loss, Deborah. Your points here are wonderful and encouraging, thank you so for sharing even in this time. Praying for you!

    1. You're more than welcome, Susan. Glad I could help.

  5. Deborah, I'm so sorry for your loss. Thank you for the great post and encouraging us to study and not give up.

    1. Terri, those words of never giving up is something God tells us to do. Persevere. I believe, as sad as I am and as much as I've been crying, I think He's whispering those to me. Thank you for your kind words of sympathy. Everyone who posted touched my heart. God will see me through and I will keep going too. Thanks.

  6. Thank you, Susan.

    Writing is a craft we can all grow in, as long as we keep trying to learn. I was glad to share with others as other published authors helped me over my many years. (and still are helping me and vise- versa.)

  7. Paper-doll characters! Oh that rings a loud bell in my ears...I'm a young writer (still learning) but with a burning passion. I've already heard comments like "your characters are nothing less than dolls, they are all the same, the story got stuck in your head, blah blah" but I've always and still consider all those kind of comments to be lessons which are helping me improve every single day. Reading seriously write blogs has been teaching me so much more that i need to know and, i'm so grateful for your help...not ever again will I be told that my characters are not coming to life on paper, all thanks to your tips.

    Thanks alot


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