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Carrying the Writing Load by Gail Gaymer Martin

Gail Gaymer Martin
Sometimes life gets in the way of a good thing. When I wrote my first novel, being published was the only thing that weighed on my mind. I wanted to write the best book I could so I studied the craft, experienced rejections from editors and agents, and waited for the day when the telephone would ring offering the first sale. I was thrilled to hold that first book in my hand. But as my career unfolded and the expectations of publishers, agents, and even my own expectations grew, the once joyful experience now placed a heavy load on me. Being a writer isn’t all there is anymore. Now writers must also be promoters and marketers.

Would I give it up? Not for a moment. But I’ve learned that a writing career cuts into a novelist’s life and time. Social media and emails dig into our writing hours and it’s far more difficult to write four and five books a year than when we first began. Now it means blog posts, responding to readers and Facebook friends, keeping active on GoodReads and Twitter, and keeping our website active with new material. It can become overwhelming for us at times, and often what we need beside prayer and a good night’s sleep is someone to listen and understand, to encourage us and remind us that with talent comes responsibility and work. Everyone needs support and understanding, someone to share our frustrations and to pray for us.

Paula, the heroine in my latest novel, Rescued By The Firefighter, needed someone to care and to listen, but she also needed to admit her frailty and her problems. Sometimes we don’t want to let others know we doubt our writing, we fear the rejections, we’re tired of missing all the fun we once had because now we’re behind on our email, blogs and deadline novel. Paula, as you and I, needed someone to understand and to trust that she would still be loved even though she wasn’t Superwoman and perfect. We must face that too. We need help and support, and thank the Lord, we can find writing groups and organizations that teach and support us as well as offer fellowship and prayer. As Paula finally learned, don’t let what you love weigh you down because of fear of failure or shame. Lift it up with the help of those you can turn to for support. And don’t forget the Lord is always there waiting to carry your burdens for you.

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Sometimes life gets in the way of a good thing. 
Everyone needs support: to share our frustrations & pray for us.
The writing life can become overwhelming at times. 
The Lord is always there waiting to carry your burdens.

About the Author
Award-winning novelist, Gail Gaymer Martin is the author of contemporary romance, romantic suspense, and women’s fiction with 52 novels published and nearly 4 million books in print. Her novels have received many national awards, including: the ACFW Carol Award and RT Reviewer’s Choice Award. Gail is the author of Writer Digest’s Writing The Christian Romance. CBS local news listed Gail as one of the four best writers in the Detroit area. She is a cofounder of American Christian Fiction Writers and serves on their Executive Board. She is also a member of Advanced Speakers and Writers and the Christian Authors Network. Gail is a keynote speaker at churches, civic and business organizations and a workshop presenter at conferences across the U.S. She lives in Michigan with her husband Bob.
Rescued by the Firefighter
by Gail Gaymer Martin

A Fresh Start
Paula Reynolds is looking for a new job, a new home, a new everything—except for love. Determined not to repeat old mistakes, she's staying away from romance. She never counted on falling for handsome firefighter Clint Donatelli. Clint is used to saving lives, but with the beautiful Paula, he faces a challenge. Getting to know her is a daunting task, especially since he's just as wary of relationships. When he learns a stunning secret from her past, he must choose—to live the way he's always lived, or trust in a new love.

Romantic Times Review - 4 stars Paula's determination to change and her emotional growth are realistic. Readers will clearly see the characters' vulnerabilities. The pace is steady pace and the conclusion satisfying in the final Sisters story

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