Thursday, July 25, 2013

Writing for Different Publishers by Shirlee McCoy

Shirlee McCoy
July marks the release of my 27th book for Love Inspired Suspense. In November of this year, my first small town romance will be published by Kensington Publication. It’s the first in a three book series set in Apple Valley, Washington. After nearly ten years writing exclusively for Harlequin, it is strange and exciting to write for another publishing house. I wouldn’t exactly call this new venture a change in direction. I will, after all, continue to write Love Inspired Suspense books. It’s more the next step in a plan I set in motion when I first got published. I’ve always wanted to write longer books, and Kensington has given me the opportunity to do that.

A few of my readers have asked me what the difference is between what I write for Harlequin and what I’m publishing with Kensington. It really boils down to this – My Love Inspired Suspense books are Christian romantic suspense. My Kensington books are sweet small town romances. While each character in my Love Inspired books embarks on a faith journey, my Kensington books are not necessarily about Christians. While the characters are often searching for deeper meaning in life, there isn’t an overt faith message. There’s also a significant difference in word count. My Love Inspired books are between 55 and 60 thousand words. My Kensington books are 80K. For readers, that’s the difference between a book that’s approximately 220 pages and one that is approximately 350.

I could say more about how the books differ, but there are also ways that they are similar. No matter what publishing house I’m writing for, I explore the relationships that define us. In every book, my characters must come to terms with their pasts in order to embrace their futures. This often means forgiving and moving on, learning to trust again, believing that love can exist a second time around. Each of my characters is on a quest to find the things that all humans desire – love and acceptance, meaning and purpose. So, while the genres are different, the themes are very similar.

And, of course, the enjoyment I get from writing them is always the same!

Dora here.  Do you write for different publishers?
Care to share your experiences?

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Award winning author Shirlee McCoy has published 27 books with Harlequin Love Inspired Suspense. Along with writing inspirational romantic suspense, Shirlee writes small town romance for Kensington. A homeschooling mother to five, she lives in the beautiful inland Northwest with her husband, three teenage sons, two tween daughters, a dog, two cats and a bird. Needless to say, her life is never boring!

The first book in her Apple Valley series, The House on Main Street, will be out in November 2013.  Holiday Hero, her twenty-eighth title with Love Inspired Suspense, releases the same month.