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Why Would God Shelve Me? Our Difficulties Make Us Better Writers, Part 2 by Kimberly Rae

Kimberly Rae
Angie's Aspirations is all about persevering in spite of adversity. Last week we learned about life detoured Kimberly Rae's life. Today we'll hear how those detours led her straight into God's plan.  ~ Angie

And I wrote about learning that worth does not come from what we do for the Lord, but from who we are in the Lord, and His value of us is based on the extent of His love, not the extent of our abilities or achievements.

All of this I know. And I know about Asia, about the street kids in my book, about the missionaries who have their own faults and inconsistencies, about the color and life and noise and all the things that make up a foreign culture.

I'm certain that my years in missions were not for the sole purpose of being able to write a good book, but I see that being able to write from memory, from real experiences and thoughts and feelings, creates a much more powerful essence than I could have created from research.

So all that to say, those nebulous "they" people were right. Writing about what you know is more powerful. God is going to use what I know as the way for me to remain involved in missions. Despite not being able to go out there myself anymore, I get to verbally take readers there, introduce them to missions, to another culture, and to the needs of the world they live in. Then I get to ask them to get involved in helping rescue women and children around the world.

Who knows? Maybe some young woman will read my book, and God will use it to call her to overseas work. Maybe my book will result in women being rescued that I myself could never have reached. It's just a glimpse, but that would be a good answer to the question of why God sent me there, then brought me back. I know it's not the whole answer, but it is enough of an answer to remind me to trust Him with the rest of the question.

And He alone knows what He plans for the future, so I might as well stop trying to figure it all out and just let Him be in charge. He does so much of a better job at it than I do, anyway.

So I shall continue to write what I know, and let God use it however He will.

What about you? Have you ever been able to use your hardships to minister to others? 
About the Author
Kimberly Rae has lived in Bangladesh, Uganda, Kosovo and Indonesia. Her novels on international human trafficking (Stolen Woman, Stolen Child, Stolen Future) are all Amazon bestsellers! Rae has been published over 250 times and has work in 6 languages. Find out more at www.kimberlyrae.com or read Kimberly's real-life adventures on her blog,www.kimberlyraeauthor.blogspot.com!
Stolen Woman, Stolen Child and Stolen Future
by Kimberly Rae

Read excerpts of Rae's Stolen books at www.stolenwoman.org.


  1. Such great reminders, Kimberly! We never know how God is going to use our heartbreak and trials. We just have to look for those opportunities he sends us and comfort those who are hurting.

    Thank you for visiting with us. :)

  2. Oooh, I love this, Kimberly! You're so right. God does a much better job steering my ship through the stormy seas of life than I do. Thanks for the inspiration and the powerful reminders!

  3. Thank you, Angie, for letting me talk with your readers! And thanks, Dora, for the encouragement!

  4. Thank you for the inspiration:)


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