Monday, April 29, 2013

Creative Best Series: One

Annette M. Irby
As a writer and a lover of words, and as a lover of Scripture, I find the following verse delicious:

Make a careful exploration of who you are
and the work you have been given,
and then sink yourself into that.
Don't be impressed with yourself.
Don't compare yourself with others.
Each of you must take responsibility
for doing the creative best
you can with your own life.
(Galatians 6:4-5 MSG)

Over the next several Mondays, outside of Mike Ehret’s fourth Monday posts, we’ll break this verse down and explore how the passage applies to our lives as writers. For now, though, I’m going to leave this post simple. Go ahead, read the passage again. Encouraging, isn’t it? In a world that may not be hospitable to creative types all the time, we have this exhortation to delight in creativity. I love this passage so much I’ve pasted it over a lovely background, printed it out and posted it near my computer in my writing space. Enjoy!


Husband Material
Wyatt Hansen has no fears about commitment, but only three years have passed since his beloved wife died, and he can't bring himself to break their annual dinner date—that is until he meets restaurant owner, Lara Farr. Lara doesn't have time for romance; she has a business to run. At least that's what she tells herself so she doesn't have to admit that commitment scares her. But Lara's business is failing, and it just may take a miracle—or marketing analyst, Wyatt Hansen—to save it. Can Wyatt rescue Lara’s restaurant, help her overcome her fears, and prove he is good husband material? 


This series first appeared on Seriously Write in 2009.


  1. Looking forward to the series, Annette, even if steps on my toes at times. :-)

  2. Love this translation. Sounds like a great series. Looking forward to it!

  3. Love that paraphrase. Looking forward to your thoughts on it. Great idea!

  4. Wow...I'm with my fellow writers here. I love this translation! Thanks for sharing it, Annette.

  5. I love and need that passage, Annette. Thanks. And the blurb is definitely tantalizing.


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